Explore the Magnificent Tourist Attractions on Visit to Thailand

Thailand in South East Asia is globally renowned for its excellent tourist destinations and scintillating attractions that should must be visited and explore. Identified as the ‘Land of Smiles' Thailand is become visitors paradise for the tourist from entire world. This beautiful country is blessed with unique culture and rich traditions which never fail to impress any visitors. Exciting sightseeing spots, striking beaches, splendid palaces, historical buildings, magnificent temples and many alike attracts visitors from world wide through out the year. In additions to this Thailand is also very famous for its unique lifestyle, irresistible foods, world class accommodations and on top of these friendly welcome by the locales allure you to taste the charm and enjoy the splendor holiday which will offer you a lifetime experience. This amazing country is dotted with magnificence natural and manmade attractions which will tempt you to visit again and again to this country of smile.


Thailand is one of the some countries which are very rich in foreign and local cultures with a vast historical background. This beautiful country is sure going to spoil your mind and your choices as there are myriad of scintillating attractions and fabulous destinations in this country to explore and visit.
Bangkok is located in the heart of the Thailand and is the capital city. Bangkok is one of the bustling cities in the world which are very famous among the business and the leisure visitors throughout the year. The city's charm include amazing sightseeing spots, bustling nightlife, best shopping, great entertainment, delicious foods, splendid palaces and many alike truly teams up in a bucket to make this place the most visited by the tourist. No Thailand Holiday Packages would be counted as worth one until you step and enjoy your vacation in this capital city of Thailand. Some of the must see attractions on your visit to Bangkok are Grand Palace, National Museum, Wat Pho and the Snake farm. The tourist also loves to visit this city and relax a bit and get rejuvenate as one can finds scores of spas centre which are very affordable.
Pattaya in Bangkok is one of the highly acclaimed tourist destinations. Pattaya is synonyms to razzmatazz nightlife's. This beautiful city in Thailand is never boring and is welcomed to all the ages and sector of people. From the active nightlife to fun filled enjoyment on the sandy beaches, the blossoming gardens to the Buddhist temple complexes every thing is astounding and are out of this world. The secluded beaches dotted by the calm palm trees and irresistible sea foods in the lined up stalls and the world class entertainment facilities leaves the visitors spell bound on there visit to Pattaya. Some of the attractions which are must see and visit as on your Bangkok Pattaya tours are as Pattaya floating market, Pattaya elephant village, Saithip Butterfly Garden, Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Satchatham), Alangkarn Theatre and the Million-Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm.
Beside these there are many more attractions which are very worth to explore as in Pattaya, so contact a leading Thailand travel agent or tour operator and execute a well designed Pattaya tour packages. Honestly speaking your Thailand visit will offer you a lifetime experience along with bagful golden memories that will remain in core of your heart forever.

Explore Great Thailand Tourist Destinations

Being an extremely attractive destination Thailand is unveiling location of travelers all across the world. Thailand is known as best honeymoon destinations with remarkable beaches, resorts ad islands where you can share unforgettable moments with your spouse. As beautiful vacationer destination there are numbers of recreational, entertainment facilities, unique cultural and traditional fairs which adds much more to Thailand tourism. At Great travelers we managed everything for the tourists from fare bookings to resort arrangements, tour guides, luxurious tourist's buses and taxies and so on.



Paradise and grand View resorts are regarded as one of the best resorts in Thailand with excellent hospitality, sites and climatic conditions. As best honeymoon destinations you can explore splendid sights comprising of lofty waterfalls, temples. Museums, beaches and much more. Thailand was completely a Land of Shaft of light, local residents (Thai people) are really wonderful and constantly assist the tourists in a best probable way.

Thailand is also a great shopping place; you will come across a large number of street compartments, shopping malls, hovering markets, flower markets and other shopping precincts. Being a favorite tourist destination of thousands of tourists came to visit the country's tourism every year. Thailand has a large number of best resorts in Thailand with ultra modern facilities and contemporary services which your may have never experienced anywhere. Hard Rock resorts, Universal Studios, Florida, are the most influential, esteemed and best resorts in Thailand.

Thailand is well notorious for its remarkable beaches. Koh chang and Ko Sametalso are best islands in Thailand they are largest in size with magnificent scene beauties and marvelous sun sets. Apart from these two beaches Thailand acquire numbers of other beaches like Ko Sametalso, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Krabi, Ko Phi Phi are best beaches in Thailand. You can enjoy adventurous activities like swimming, jet casing, windsurfing and boat ridings which are really exciting and exhilarant.

Pattaya is another terrific Thailand tourist destination, hundreds of tourists do come to this place everyday. This place is renowned for lively nightclub, tavern, bistro, disco, pubs and live entertainment artist performing on different locations. Tourists usually go in swimming beneath the perched sandstone, or sometimes just enjoying going up from side to side the little rock face into the deep pea green waters of Sea. These beaches are ideal tourist place to visit for families, honeymoon planners, and for anyone who enjoys exploring natural world.

Great tours are one of the most vibrant Thailand tour organizer headquarters in Chiang Mai known as best Thailand tourist destinations. We specialized in organizing tours at top Thailand destinations like Chiang Mai, Phuket, Sukhothai and so on. At Great Tours we are committed to provide you inimitable feeling of holidaying that you have never observed anywhere. As we are into this industry for years we make our tourists visit across the best beaches in Thailand, best resorts in Thailand and best islands in Thailand. We have special honeymoon packages specially meant for the new couples who are looking to share great time in Thailand's.

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The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking 1 Bigelow Aerospace, Las Vegas

Bigelow Aerospace is a North Las Vegas, Nevada space technology startup company that is pioneering work on expandable space station modules. Bigelow Aerospace was founded by Robert Bigelow in 1998 and is funded in large part by the fortune Bigelow gained through his ownership of the hotel chain Budget Suites of America. By 2010, Bigelow had invested US$180 million in the company. Bigelow has stated on multiple occasions that he is prepared to fund Bigelow Aerospace with about US$500 million through 2015 in order to achieve launch of full-scale hardware. Bigelow is pioneering a new market in a flexible and configurable set of space habitats.Moreover, industry observers have noted that Bigelow is demonstrating audacity to pioneer such a market "in a capital-intensive, highly-regulated industry like spaceflight."


NASA's TransHab Design
Bigelow originally licensed the multi-layer, expandable space module technology from NASA after Congress canceled the ISS TransHab project following delays and budget constraints in the late 1990s. Bigelow has three Space Act agreements whereby Bigelow Aerospace is the sole commercializer of several of NASA's key expandable module technologies.
Bigelow continued to develop the technology for a decade, redesigning the module fabric layers—including adding proprietary extensions of Vectran shield fabric, "a double-strength variant of Kevlar" and developing a family of uncrewed and crewed expandable spacecraft in a variety of sizes. Bigelow invested US$75 million in proprietary extensions to the NASA technology by mid-2006 , and $180 million into the technology by 2010. In early 2010, NASA came full circle to once again investigate "making inflatable space-station modules to make roomier, lighter, cheaper-to-launch spacecraft" by announcing plans in its budget proposal released 22 February 2010. NASA is "considering connecting a Bigelow expandable craft to the ISS to verify their safety by testing life support, radiation shielding, thermal control and communications capabilities."
Since early on, Bigelow has been intent on "pursuing markets for a variety of users including biotech and pharmaceutical company and university research, entertainment applications and government military and civil users." The business model includes "'leasing out' small space stations or habitats made of one or more [BA-330] inflatable modules to different research communities or corporations.". Despite these broad plans for space commercialization, the space tourism destination and "space hotel" monikers were frequently used by many media outlets following the 2006/2007 launches of Genesis I and Genesis II. Robert Bigelow has been explicit that he is aiming to do business in space in a new way, with "low cost and rapid turnaround, contrary to traditional NASA ISS and space shuttle operations and bureaucracy."
In October 2010, Bigelow announced that it has agreements with six sovereign nations to utilize on-orbit facilities of the commercial space station: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Sweden. In February 2011, the United Arab Emirate of Dubai became the seventh country to have signed on.

Module design and business plans

A full scale mockup of Bigelow Aerospace's Space Station Alpha inside their facility in Nevada.
NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver views the inside of a full scale mockup of Bigelow Aerospace's Space Station Alpha.
Bigelow Aerospace anticipates that its inflatable modules will be more durable than rigid modules. This is partially due to the company's use of several layers of vectran, a material twice as strong as kevlar, and also because, in theory, flexible walls should be able to sustain micrometeorite impacts better than rigid walls. In ground-based testing, micrometeoroids capable of puncturing standard ISS module materials penetrated only about half-way through the Bigelow skin. Operations director Mike Gold commented that Bigelow modules also wouldn't suffer from the same local shattering problems likely with metallic modules. This could provide as much as 24 hours to remedy punctures in comparison to the more serious results of standard ISS skin micrometeoroid damage.
Expected uses for Bigelow Aerospace's expandable modules include microgravity research and development and space manufacturing. Other potential uses include variable-gravity research—for gravity gradients above microgravity including moon (0.16 g) and Mars (0.38 g) gravity research; space tourism—such as modules for orbital hotels; and space transportation—such as components in spaceships for Moon or Mars manned missions.
On April 10, 2007, Bigelow Aerospace announced business plans to offer (by 2012) a four-week orbital stay for US$15 million, with another four weeks for an additional US$3 million. An entire orbital facility could also be leased for US$88 million a year, or half a facility for US$54 million a year. Speaking during a teleconference organised by the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in February 2010 Bigelow announced a new price of $23 million for a 30 day stay on a Bigelow habitat. That price covers everything including transport, training, and consumables.
In 2010, Bigelow proposed conceptual designs for expandable habitats that would be substantially larger than the BA-330, previously its largest at 330 m3 habitat volume. Contingent on NASA going forward with a super heavy lifter, the proposed concept would include "expandable habitats offering 2,100 cubic meters of volume nearly twice the capacity available on the International Space Station" and another providing 3,240 cubic meters.
In 2010, Bigelow Aerospace began building a large production facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada to produce the space modules. The 181,000 square feet (16,800 m2) facility will include three production lines for three distinct spacecraft, doubling the amount of floor space at Bigelow and transitioning the focus from a research and development, with an existing workforce of 115, to production. Bigelow expects to hire approximately 1200 new employees to staff the plant, with production commencing in early 2012.


NASA Deputy Administrator Tours Bigelow Aerospace (201102040004HQ)

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver is given a tour of the Bigelow Aerospace facilities by the company's President Robert Bigelow on Friday, Feb. 4, 2011, in Las Vegas. NASA has been discussing potential partnership opportunities with Bigelow for its inflatable habitat technologies as part of NASA's goal to develop innovative technologies to ensure that the U.S. remains competitive in future space endeavors. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking 2 Galactic Suite Space Resort, the space station

Galactic Suite Design is an aerospace design company based in Barcelona, Spain. The company develops concepts, design and interiors of habitats and vehicles. The project that first brought the company into the public eye was the Galactic Suite Space Resort, which intends to develop a private small space station at LEO, the orbital segment of a space tourism experience, which will also include intensive training on a tropical island.. Galactic Suite Design has been involved with other space related projects including the Google Lunar X Prize.

The space station began as a hobby for Xavier Claramunt, architect and director of Galactic Suite Design. The Galactic Suite Space Resort entered development after an unnamed space enthusiast invested US$3 billion to build it. An American company with the goal of colonising Mars assisted in some of the early stages of the project, and discussions with additional private investors from Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are reportedly underway.

Early design stage and customer experience
The earlier stages of the Galactic Suite Space Resort design called for a central hub with a dozen modules radiating outwards, providing an indefinite number of bedrooms for several customers at a time. Claramunt said that while it would be a challenge to design a bathroom that works in microgravity, showers might be taken in a spa room with bubbles of floating water. The issue of moving around in space would be solved by having guests wear suits of Velcro for sticking to the module walls, similar to its use in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The station would orbit the Earth once every 90 minutes, providing 16 day-and-night cycles every 24 hours.
The company stated that a three-day stay would cost US$4 million per customer. Company studies found that 40,000 people worldwide were capable of affording such a stay. This complete space tourism experience will also include the design of a "James Bond-style astronaut training" center and spaceport which will be based in the Caribbean. The spaceport would also house a new launch system built with safety and the environment in mind.

Further development

As of 2008, the design size was reduced with a smaller number of modules, up to four, around a central service module. According to this design the station will have a total of five modules including three rooms, one service module and one multipurpose module.[citation needed]>
The hotel will be located in a low Earth orbit, at an altitude of 450 kilometres, where it would be under the protection of radiation provided by the Van Allen Belts, and allow faster access and return to the Earth.[citation needed]
As of 2008, Claramunt stated then that construction of the station would begin in October 2008, and that European company EADS Astrium would be the contractor in charge of building the modules and other equipment.. In November 2010, the Company announced that a first phase would bring into orbit a single modified ATV module for a cost of 400M Euros, while a second phase would increase the total number of modules up to four in a cross configuration.


Some experts, including Thomas Bouvet (International Astronautical Federation), Mark Homnick (4Frontiers) and Juan de Dalmau (Centro Tecnológico para la Industria Aeronáutica y del Espacio) have expressed skepticism about the project, raising concerns that Galactic Suite will be unable to meet the 2012 goal because no hardware has been built and tested. The stated investment to the company is an issue since it has not revealed the identity of its investor. The investment might fall short of covering all the project's needs; for example, the suborbital shuttle proposed by EADS Astrium would cost €1 billion, and the transformation of ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle into a craft capable of transporting people to space and return them safely to Earth would cost around €2 billion. However, the Galactic Suite Space Resort is a space station and does not need reentry capabilities, which would considerably reduce its development


Although EADS Astrium claimed to have no information regarding Galactic Suite in 2008 , it now recognized the project as a space hotel currently undergoing development. In September 2010, the company presented the status of its project based on ATV technologies at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

Galactic Suite Moon Race, a GLXP venture

Galactic Suite Design also got involved in the Google Lunar X PRIZE through a filial company, Galactic Suite Moon Race, which leads the Barcelona Moon Team, 21st official candidate to the GLXP.[15] The team is a multidisciplinary joint venture bringing together Spanish entrepreneurial, industrial and academic capabilities. The team also includes the Centre of Aerospace Technology in Barcelona (CTAE), the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) or the international engineering advisory firm Altran. BMT wants to promote a widening involvement of private initiative in the development of space technology and industry, also including sectors such as exploration and tourism.

The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking 3 Aeroscraft The Flying Luxury Hotel

The Aeroscraft is a gigantic 400-ton blimp designed to carry passengers in its spacious luxury liner-type facility. The flying hotel is equal in size to two football fields and is airlifted by 14 million cubic feet of helium, huge electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and six turbofan jet engines. The hotel will be able to accommodate 250 passengers while soaring 8,000 feet above the ground, and will provide tourists with hi-tech amenities in its guestrooms, casino, restaurants and staterooms.

Aeroscraft: The Flying Luxury Hotel of Tomorrow

Aeroscraft: The Flying Luxury Hotel of Tomorrow
While all of these futuristic hotels will be shaping future travel, Glen Hiemstra , founder of Futurist.com believes there are other factors that will define the hotels to come. He believes “that robotics will be one of the most significant technologies to affect the hotel industry in the future," says Hiemstra. He envisions a hotel where robots can do the majority of the cleaning and check-ins. "But the really far-out science fiction scenario is with nanotechnology," he says. (In short, nanotechnology is the ability to manipulate and manufacture things at the molecular level.) "In 2025 or 2030, we might be able to have rooms reconfigure themselves to whatever guests want, whether it's a king-sized bed and a couch, or a single bed and a desk."
While checking into the future sounds a lot like an episode out of the TV-show, The Jetsons, with all the innovation and appeal built into the future design, décor and amenities, it sounds like we better start making our reservations now, as there may not be any rooms at the inn, when the future rolls around

The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking 4 The Lunatic Hotel

The Lunatic Hotel

The Lunatic Hotel

For those of us who have always dreamt of honeymoon on the Moon, your wish might need to be bestowed on your children or perhaps your children’s children. A hotel satellite under the self-effacing name of the Lunatic Hotel will be constructed by designers Hans-Jurgen Rombaut of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture in the Netherlands and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo. However their tentative completion date is scheduled for 2050. The cost of launching tons of steel and water to the Moon is still a major challenge, but according to Rombaut, a good portion of the construction materials can be manufactured right on the Moon itself, using existing minerals and ores. However, with the cost of inflation one can only imagine the kind of deep pockets one will need to check-in to Lunatic. Rombaut is anticipating that a two-week stay in his low-gravity leisure centre will probably cost as much as a mortgage on a house (in an upscale neighborhood, of course)

The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking 5The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort was a proposed hotel, designed by Prof. Roland Dieterle which would be the world's first underwater luxury resort. It was planned to be situated 66-foot (20 m) below the surface of the Persian Gulf, just off Jumeira Beach in Dubai and cost $300 million to construct. The underwater hotel will be one of the most expensive hotels in the earth once construction is finished.

The hotel was due to open in 2006 but as of August 2010 there has been no construction, or construction planned, of the Hydropolis hotel.

The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking6 Poseidon Undersea Resorts

Poseidon Undersea Resorts is a proposed chain of underwater five-star resorts currently under development that was first slated to open by September 2008. The first will be located on a private island in Fiji. Once construction of the first resort is finished, it will be the world's first permanent one-atmosphere seafloor structure.
Poseidon was conceived and developed by L. Bruce Jones, president of U.S. Submarines, Inc. financed by TOPA equities Corp. owned by John Edward Anderson. Anderson has called on the best and highest paid engineers to be in the program. He said that the idea came from his wife, Anderson also mentioned that the resort itself is a gift to one of his grand daughter's 16th birthday, Maria Samantha Khayle Saskiah Anderson because growing up she dreamt of being a mermaid. The underwater resort will be situated in up to 40 feet (12 m) of water and will be linked to land via piers and elevators, one for guest access and one for services. The resort itself will feature an underwater restaurant, a lounge, 24 luxury suites, one themed suite, a grand suite, 48 overwater and beachfront bungalows and an undersea bungalow accessible only by submarine. The resort will also cater an onshore facility that will feature five-star hotel amenities.

With a design concept in mind, Jones needed to find an appropriate location. To help find it, Jones offered a $10,000 reward for anybody that came up with the perfect location for the venture. After taking the suggestion of a business associate, who recommended a reef off of Eleuthera, an island in the Bahamas, negotiations began with the island's American owners. The negotiations did not go well, and after a year of failed back-and-forth offers the location was scrapped and sights were set on Fiji. A deal was made with the owner of a privately owned 225-acre (0.91 km2) South Pacific Island located in northeastern Fiji. If all goes to plan, the final resting place of the resort will be under 40 feet (12 m) of water in a 5,000-acre (20 km2) coral lagoon. in NAdi 5 stars

poseidon undersea resort fiji 2  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
The Poseidon Mystery Island: An Aerial View
poseidon 3  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
A view from Under water
UnderSea Condo 13  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
UnderSea Resort-A Concept photo
al machu go  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
A View of the Poseidon Resort
poseidon 4  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
Poseidon :A view from above
ithaa  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
Poseidon Resort- Underwater Conference room
poseidon 1  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
Luxurious Bedroom Under water
poseidon suite 1 low  Poseidon,Fiji  First Under Water 5 star Resort adventure worlds first sea floor resort vacation spots underwater resorts Sensational Hotels Poseidon uder water resorts Poseidon Resorts popular tourist destinations hottest tourist destinations Fiji
Poseidon Under water suite


The resort will feature twenty-two 550-square-foot (51 m2) guest rooms. Each of these rooms has a 270 degree view of the ocean. This view is possible due to the 4-inch (100 mm) thick acrylic windows that make up 70% of each room's wall space. Each end of the resort will be composed of a 3,000-square-foot (280 m2), frisbee shaped, underwater pod. One of these pods will be composed of an underwater restaurant and bar while the other will contain a library, conference room, wedding chapel, spa and a 1,200-square-foot (110 m2) luxury suite. The resort will be accessed through 1 of 2 elevators. The entire underwater enclosure will be held at 1 atmosphere of pressure, so decompression sickness is not a concern. Other features include automatic window washers, fish feeders and detachable pods in case repairs are necessary.


The resort has been designed to meet the structural requirements applicable to a submarine pressure hull. All components of the resort are structurally sound. Each individual component part of the complex is automatically isolated in the event of a structural breach. Every unit has a safety dome and an emergency diver's entrance hatch.


Reservations at the resort will initially cost $30,000 per couple, per week. This includes four nights in a luxury beach or over-water villa and two nights in the luxury underwater suite. The resort also offers a variety of land and sea activities such as golf and diving onboard a luxury expedition submarine outside the lagoon. Each guest will also have the opportunity to learn to pilot a private luxury deep submersible in the lagoon. Certain spa treatments, drinks and other extras are provided at an additional cost.

The most beautiful hotel in the world,Ranking 7 Waterworld Hotel in China

Atkin’s Architecture Group recently won the first prize award for an international design competition with this stunning entry. Set in a 330 feet deep quarry and includes underwater public areas and guestrooms. The 400 bed resort hotel is uniquely constructed within the natural elements of the quarry. Underwater public areas and guest rooms add to the uniqueness, but the resort also boasts cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities.
This spectacular and intriguing looking hotel is set in a partly water filled quarry, located in the Songijang satellitetown of Shanghai. Bristol-based Martin Jochman, who led the design team, says, “We drew our inspiration from the quarry setting itself, adopting the image of a green hill cascading down the natural rock face as a series of terraced landscaped hanging gardens. In the centre, we have created a transparent glass ‘waterfall’ from a central vertical circulation atrium connecting the quarry base with the ground level. This replicates the natural waterfalls on the existing quarry face.”
The firm has earlier won a contract to develop the master planning and detail design for part of Songijang which was an existing town that was expanded to serve as a satellite town to Shanghai. The new Songijang is a university town and a popular weekend and holiday destination for Shanghai residents and other visitors, linked to Shanghai by metro.