Phuket Thailand A dreamland surrounded

Phuket Thailand A dreamland surrounded
Attractions. In the district town.
His nest.
The low hills. Behind the center of the north. Cars can be up to the summit. A municipal park and the park. A place to relax. And the view of the town. From Phuket town, he saw the wide ocean views of the smaller islets and islands, both near and far.

stone bridge.
Recreational facilities within the city. The end of the road into the sea, Phuket is a little bit. The main monument is the 60th anniversary of which was built on 2521 as a memorial to Captain Edward Thomas Miles was the first Australian leader to dig a dredger on the tin in 2452.

Old buildings.
In Phuket, most old-fashioned European-style buildings. Since it was created almost a hundred years ago. When the development of new mining operations. These old buildings have been influenced by traditional Chinese architecture, it is called. Architecture Sino - Portuguese. The old building of Phuket will have a broader and deeper than the high. The road will see Tin Road Thalang Road, Krabi, Phang Nga, Yaowarat Road is also a historic building that looks like the European architecture and town hall in Phuket. Phuket Provincial Court. Bank of Thailand and so on.

Ko Sire.
Is a small island located in the southeast of Phuket. 4 kilometers away from the city as an area of ​​approximately 20 square kilometers. This is one area of ​​the island has a small canal, a canal separates the Tha Chin. Sire Island population is part of the fishermen or the water, which has the largest number of fishermen who live on the island of Phuket Island is home to the Bureau Sire, there was a large reclining Buddha on the mountain. Beaches are not suitable for swimming. Mud mixed with sand.

The village fishermen.
Fishermen or the water. Or new people. Minorities in Thailand. Living in the south of Thailand. Most of the islands in the Indian Ocean. The nomads live in Phuket Rawai Beach. Which is located about 17 kilometers from Phuket town and the island of Cape Gecko Sire.

Wat Chalong.
Stay away from Phuket Town, about 8 kilometers from the city along the highway in 4021 through three separate grounds Surapong University Stadium. Turn left to Chalong. Wat Chalong is on the left hand side, about 4 kilometers before the Chalong is Phuket's most famous temples. A statue of Luang Por Cham. And I was. This is the worship of the common people of Phuket.

Chalong Bay.
Is a town 11 km south of Phuket Island on the way to Rawai Beach. At Chalong Chalong Bay, turn left about 1 mile. A wooden bridge stretching to the sea. Long beach is a crescent shaped beach overlooking the coconut-end track, out to sea. Marine area is not suitable for swimming. The beach is a clone. Tourists can rent a boat at Chalong Bay to the islands. Or leased to fishing.

Laem Ka Yai.
A small beach town located 16 kilometers from Chalong 4024 Highway opposite the entrance to the temple Arom. Beach with boats for rent to islands such as Koh Bon Island.

Rawai Beach.
Located about 17 kilometers from Phuket Town to Chalong I Rawai Beach (Highway 4024) is one of the most beautiful beach in Phuket, Rawai Beach, a beautiful and fishermen live.

Away from the beach about 3 miles by boat from Rawai Beach, Rawai Beach about 30 minutes under water, sand and beautiful nature. The island has a Buddha statue in it.

Laem Phrom Thep.
Located about 2 kilometers from Rawai Beach, a peninsula at the southern end of Phuket Island. People called them sharp. Laem Phrom Thep is the most beautiful part of the island. Phrom Thep Cape is the northern plains for parking on the seaside cliffs. This will be visible from the cliff Phromthep stretches out to sea. The island, several islands, including Koh Kaew. The right to see the beaches of Nai Harn clear. Of a cliff with a walkway down the hill to the Phromthep it. A place where the sunset was very beautiful.

Nai Harn Beach.
The beach next to Laem Phrom Thep up to the north. Stay away from Phuket town about 18 kilometers away in more ways. Travel through the beach or through the Phrom Thep Cape. It comes from Chalong to Rawai Beach, about 3 miles and turn right to go into bars, about 4 kilometers Han Nai Harn beach is long and. White sandy beach. Behind the beach is a swamp. People called Nong Han. Between the sea and the lake has sandy beaches of Nai Harn Beach, the only barrier. During the monsoon season between May and October. Waves are very strong. Should not swim because they may be harmful.

Ao Sane.
A small bay. Nai Harn Beach on the right. The Phuket Yacht Club. It is a small beach with rocks, large and small. White sandy beach.

Nai Harn Beach, Kata Noi beach along the road around the island. Viewpoint 2 is located between the beach from this point overlooking the bay and 3 bay, the bay of Kata Noi Beach, Kata and Karon Bay, the scenery is very beautiful.

Kata Bay.
Stay away from Phuket town 17 kilometers from Phuket Town to Chalong Circle, turn right on to the road number 4028 is divided into 2 bays, Kata Beach, Kata Beach is great to Kata Noi Bay. Two bays with sandy beaches and beautiful beaches perfect for swimming. And used as a training dive. Because the reef together to Crab Island on the beach front. The beach. The beach is equipped with facilities such as accommodation, entertainment, shops and travel agencies. For tourists.

Karon Bay.
Kata Beach, next to the north, there are only low hills. Separated only If you are in the middle of the village of Kata and Karon Bay. There are separate from the road about 3 miles to the bay of Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Kata bigger. There are long stretches of beach. North Beach is a sand dune ripple with the big Black Sea. And palm lined up in general. Ao Karon beach and very clean.

Place the fish species.
Hotel Phuket Aquarium Phuket Aquarium.
As a venue for fresh water and marine animals have more than 100 species.
The exhibits in the cabinet shape and size, and performance in marine aquarium water tunnel capacity.
200 tons and 140 tons of sea water aquarium with large display and large sea creatures.
Visit the exhibition on the marine and coastal resources. Admission Thai
Adults $ 50 children 20 children 50 baht for foreign adults, 100 Baht
Open daily from 08:30 to 16:00 am For more information contact at.
0-7639-1126 located at the tip of Cape Panwa, Muang, Phuket
Visit their website at.
Tel. 0-7639-1126 Fax: 0-7639-1406.

Phuket Butterfly Garden and Aquarium.
Located 3 km from town along Yaowarat Road and turn left at the junction of three little villages. A place to gather and preserve life in the tropical species of butterflies, insects, fish and corals by providing a natural environment. Open daily from 09:00 to 17:30 am

Thai Village and Orchid Island.
3 kilometers away from the city streets Thepkasattri. The present local arts and crafts. Elephant Show. The orchid farm.

Attractions. Posts in the district.
Patong Bay.
Phuket town about 15 kilometers away from the road or highway Vichitsongkram 4020 to nine miles, turn left onto Highway 4029 for another 6 km to the Gulf with a large curvature. 9 km long sandy beaches, beautiful crystal clear waters. Suitable for most water.

Along the same beach. But when it comes to the beach. To the junction, turn right to Kalim is a small beach. There are rocks and coral reefs and beach resort.

Kamala Beach.
Stay away from Phuket town, 26 km from the monument of Thao Thao Thepkasattri Srisoonthorn. Turn left at the Surin Beach, Kamala Beach, Laem Singh, the loop is about 2 kilometers from the long sandy beach is quiet. There are not many places to stay.

Attractions. In Thalang district.
Heroines Monument.
Monuments and Thao Thao Thepkasattri Srisoonthorn. Located at the intersection before the port district, Thalang Phuket town 12 kilometers.

Thalang National Museum.
Located about 50 meters from the Heroines Monument, the building has been designed to shape the local people of Phuket is home to the first building has two exhibits on prehistoric west coast. The early history of the civilization of India was published and how the tin mining history. And rubber plantations. Folk art and ethnology of the people who inhabit the Malayan peninsula. For building the second story of the battle scenes, and Phuket. Lives and traditions to the Chinese in Thailand. And about the history and habitat of sea gypsies in Thailand.

Wat Phra Thong (Wat Phra Phut).
Stay away from Phuket town about 20 kilometers from Phuket town, Thalang District at the junction point to the right temple Phra Thong. Buddhist temples have sprung up from the ground only half a body. When I cover the war gods Bandung. Thalang troops attacked the Burmese military in 2328 to dig up the spring to return to Burma. I dug up any time I drove it to stand out against the effort. The village has a gold covered Buddha image that pops out of the ground only half a body. It appears to the present.

She built the temple.
Located 20 kilometers from town along the road Thepkasattri. Thalang District intersection. Located on the left temple is the oldest. The historic city of Phuket, one of the key. It's been a battle against the Burmese in 2328 in the chapel at the ancient Buddha image is also a tin of the oldest and third largest in the world was called "God in the belly" or "The Three Kings." Located in the bowels of the Lord Buddha statue was also a third class.

Wildlife park in his tracks.
Stay away from Phuket town about 20 kilometers from the city of Phuket, Thalang. When you reach the intersection in the city of Phuket, which is 18 kilometers away from Phuket to the left for about 2 kilometers has been established as a park. In July 2512 an area of ​​13,925 acres of forest and fertile. There are many kinds of wild animals in the wild. The species is rare. "The Palm" and a key tourist attraction.

Ton Sai Waterfall.
Away from the city, 22 kilometers along the road Thepkasattri Thalang intersection, then turn right and go 3 kilometers to the Ton Sai waterfall. A small waterfall. The water will flow in the rainy season. There are few large shady trees, perfect for relaxation.

Bang Pae Waterfall.
Away from the city to the Monument of Thao Thao Thepkasattri Srisoonthorn then turn right towards Pa Klok 7 km to a small waterfall. The Arboretum trees. And the gibbons nursery. A project to rehabilitate physical and mental condition of the gibbons, which was cultured. Ready to return to the wild.

For those who like hiking, nature park has a walk in three directions from a fellow officer in the park's nature center.

Tourists who wish to stay overnight at the park in his tracks. A written request to the Director of the Wildlife Conservation Forestry Department, Bang Khen, Bangkok Tel. 579-4847 or contact the park at the head of his new tracks. The park in his tracks. Thepkasattri Thalang Road, Phuket 83100.

Surin Beach.
Stay away from Phuket town about 24 kilometers from Phuket town route 402 on the Heroines Monument, then go left, another 12 kilometers to the beach along the hillside. North Beach area with large pine trees that lined the sea and the beach area over the right-hand side of golf. Surin beach is not suitable for swimming. Because the slope. The monsoon winds are very organized.

Laem Singh.
Surin beach about 1 mile to the junction where the road to Laem Singh Beach. May be allowed through the streets. Or walk around to the other one, which is a walk along the hillside to the beach. Laem Sing is a small sandy beach, sandy beach on your left is a small peninsula. The rock is called the Cape lion.

Bang Tao Bay.
Stay away from Phuket town about 24 kilometers by road north to Monument Thepkasattri Thepkasattri Thao Thao Srisoonthorn. Then turn left onto the road, 12 kilometers to go Srisoonthorn Surin Beach turn right and go 2 miles to the Gulf of Bang Tao. Long stretch of sandy beach ideal for swimming and water sports.

And decorative details. The Dallas Institute of Art, China, Galapagos Islands, as the equipment of today.
Visit Phuket Then you will know that the island was packed with value. Both in terms of history. A rich and natural resources. Both on land and underwater, as well as various tourist attractions to visit throughout the year.