Poland - a country that has a caring heart in Europe.

Poland - a country that has a caring heart in Europe.Poland is a country with a mix of cultural attractions, and there are many things that Alpine mountain landscapes, wide beaches, crystal clear lakes, forests and historical monuments in the world filled with friendly people.From the north, which has nearly half a million residents of the City (Gdansk), economic, cultural and tourist center located along the Polish coast. Thanks to the original model in the years since. Fri 1343 (of 1886) was a town of Assisi, the new architecture of the original city was successful after World War 2 the center of the city has three sections within the city walls. You will find the streets of Northern Europe's most charming here. What is worthy to be visited is called the Gothic style cathedral church of St. Mary was built in AD 1502 (BE 2045), who came up visits for up to 25,000 people.

Warsaw.Capital is surprisingly positive. Whether you come to Warsaw on business objectives. The meeting. Or travel. You will not get bored. Everyone will find something for themselves. Whatever his interests as anything.

Warsaw is worth to you to know that back then you will fall in love with this city for sure.'Warsaw' city with a caring heart of Europe is filled with historic buildings, both old and new, modern building that is constructed from a socialist communist. Made of glass and metal.Restoration of the Old City after the war, which has never been seen before in parts of Europe has been highly appreciated by UNESCO in 1980 (2523), all components of the old city center is included in the list.

World Heritage List. The cultural landmark.Warsaw's most beautiful building located on the main line with the historic royal palaces, houses, churches and monuments. The government and institutions of higher education.There are many restaurants in Warsaw, Poland, and served very tasty. Also, it has many of the international cuisine.The green area represents 21 percent of the city in a beautiful and very attractive in the garden. The park's royal palaces, such as New Zealand and Vila.The Southern Africa.

The city is a blend of architecture. The neo-classical ooze, the Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque and Bella Ipoh and swallow me with an amazing claim. It's no surprise that How long is the school's first city that was recorded in List of World Heritage cultural importance.The meeting in Krakow's teacher. Marine Connection is a global market here, which is the largest market in Europe. It is surrounded by cafes, pubs and restaurants. And historic buildings. The highlight of the oldest department store in Europe named Kian Soo Nice that you can buy everything the heart desires. As a gift from Poland.The Southern Africa was once the capital of Poland and the Old City's Jewish. Called a C on her. Which is unchanged since World War II.Because it is a very good teacher in the Southern Africa Tourism Management is regarded as the night life of Poland. In addition to international cuisine and a choice.List of places in a World Heritage by UNESCO in the name of Leach, check the basement of the oldest salt mine in the world that continues to operate the mine included.

the city of Krakow in Leach's teachers, about 30 km underground route through the maze of rooms and exhibit a large cave carved out of rock salt in the specific effects. The small church of St. King, IA is 101 meters deep at most. Decorated with lamps made from salt crystal rocks. And a carved stone relief, low-salt gray.In addition, underground mining rights in Lichfield and the rehabilitation for the patient. The museum also exhibits equipments. Equipment in the mining of salt. The key documents. Related to the history of salt mining property.Swakopmund's wait.Meeting point of Poland. Swakopmund's wait for the capital of Sierra Dion and the lower part of the meeting in Europe. Filled with cultural diversity and history of this city. As the bridge. The connection between the generations. Different cultures together. The atmosphere of this city is the city's most modern city.

A historical basis. Life is full of culture and education.More than that. The town of Swakopmund, wait near the border of two countries. The border with the Czech Republic. The border with Germany. Wait Swakopmund, located within the city of Berlin, 350 miles, away from the city of Prague 280 km, away from the city of Vienna, 390 kilometers away from Warsaw, 340 km, thus making the wait for Swarovski, is a meeting point for both. Local, national, and international travel easier. To the other countries. It is desirable not only to tourists. But also to investors. Swakopmund to visit Africa to wait. The scenery that surrounds many people.Poland has the largest forest in Europe, such as the National Beer logo in top left, the mountains, only brand that is part of the car within the mountain community, and a castle in medieval history. And beautiful. You can take pleasure in many forms such as skiing in the winter. Playing golf in the summer. And like most of the meeting. Horse riding and fishing.

Airports in Poland. Available per flight. To other countries for more than 30 countries, operated by 25 airlines such as British Airways, SAS, including the Air Graz and Lufkin Hansa Poland also has direct flights to the other regions.

such as America, Canada, Israel, Poland and Thailand, more than that Ukraine has agreed to host the European football. Euro 2012 champion chip.

Poland is where you should visit it.