Iguassu Falls

Why not arrange your Brazil vacation package around a visit to the breathtaking Iguassu Falls. This incredible waterfall spans three countries and was short listed as a candidate for the seven natural wonders of the world in 2009.

The Iguassu Falls are made up of 275 mini waterfalls which stretch out 1.67 miles and span Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. They were designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1984 and the Brazilian side of the national park offers viewers a walkway across the canyon, providing the perfect viewing point for visitors on their Brazil tours. This provides viewers with 260 degree views of the waterfalls; the best vista offered by a waterfall national park.

Whilst it is possible to spend hours gazing in wonderment at these stunning waterfalls on your Brazil holidays, there is plenty more to do at the Iguassu National Park. Adventure junkies will relish the chance to try their hand at white-water rafting, which certainly isn’t an activity for the faint-hearted. The rapids at Iguassu Falls can quickly vary from 1.5 to 3.5, so you never know quite what to expect on your Brazil tour.

If you like the idea of taking to the water, but aren’t quite cut out for a spot of white water rafting, then why not take a safari boat tour of the falls? The safari starts on dry land as you take a 3km jeep drive into the forest, spotting all the natural flora and fauna. If you’re particularly lucky then you may even get to spot a rare Macuco bird whilst on your Brazil tour. These blue-grey birds live on the forest floor and their eggs are considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world. The final part of this safari tour is by Zodiac boat, a full-throttle speed-boat, which offers visitors on their Brazil vacation packages excellent views of the falls. Although, you should be prepared to get very wet!

If staying on dry land is more your forte or you want to catch a guaranteed glimpse of the Macuco bird, then pair your trip to the Iguassu Falls with a visit to the world-class Bird Park. The park features 160 different species of birds, as well as Cayman crocodiles, snakes and butterflies. The adjoining souvenir shop is ideal for buying mementos of both the bird park and the Iguassu Falls to take home from your Brazil holidays.

One of the most spectacular ways of seeing the falls is by moonlight. The national park opens late once a month during the full moon, allowing visitors a rare glimpse of the falls by silvery moonlight. This is definitely one for the romantic and if you’re interested in seeing the Iguassu Falls in their ethereal glow then it is well worth arranging your Brazil vacation package around the date of a full moon.

Finally, before you leave Iguassu Falls on your Brazil holiday, make sure that you take a visit to the famous Three Borders. The three stones, all painted in the colours of their respective countries flags, allow you the opportunity of standing in three countries at exactly the same time; an experience which you’re unlikely to ever repeat again in your lifetime.