travel "This church-Benz" is firmly in the grave, "Valentine".

"This church-Benz" is firmly in the grave, "Valentine".

          "From Your Valentine" The last sentence in the letter. "Saint Valentine" a sweetheart "Julia" is out of breath on February 14 was 270 days of happiness that comes from the brain that we do not know, "The History of Valentine's Day. "I come to mourn Travel MThai I think of" Valentine "in the sense of history. I do not love people delightfully. I feel a break with a dash of Rome's "church-Benz's" (Praxedes), the static of the grave, "Valentino Paradise" or "Saint Valentine" are well known.

This church-Benz (Praxedes) is located in Rome, Italy this week, according to legend. Julia R. West, it has grown. Posted in pink or almond. Near the grave of "Valentine" or "Valentino Paradise" is a man who loved her. By today. In the West, it has pink represents love eternal and beautiful friendship.