Leaning Tower of Pisa

Italy is a country that one must visit. It not only offers variety, rich heritage but has something for everyone. Let it be from motor sports, soccer, fashion design, leather goods, places of tourist interest and attraction, museums, lakes, canals and top it all the famous pastas and pizzas.

It is car hire Italy which can make your visit to this country memorable, facilitating your moment across different cities. You may be in Rome, Venice, Milan, Turin, Alghero or Ciampino. It is car Hire Italy which will greet you everywhere.

Venice -Venezia in Italian – continues to be one of the most favoured tourist destinations the world over. Known as sanctuary on a lagoon, it remains the same even after six hundred years. Is not it fascinating. For many Venice may have degenarted or decayed since then primarily because of heavy rush of tourists. They say that Venice is inhabitedd more by tourists than its original residents. Whatever be the reasons or criticism, Venice remains most romantic city ever.

How do you go about this city which has in one of its districts 118 islands. Car Hire Venice has answers to all your questions. It is easy, convenient, affordable and reliable.

True, Venice is made of several parts. Sestieri, the famous islands district, are Cannaregio, Castillo, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce and San Marco. It is san Marco all important monuments and major tourist attractions are located. Mestre is a part of the industrial mainland of Italy but continues to be a part of Venice municipality. A km bridge links Mestre with Venice. And in fact Mestre has an airport also, popular as Marco Polo. Other airport is the Teviso.

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Would you like to visit Venice Lido - the island of tranquility, a beach district, It is here where the Venice movie festival is organized.

Venice is perhaps the only global pedestrian city. Walking in Venice is a pleasure and the absence of motor vehicl;es in general and cars in particular, makes it a pleasant experience. How long and how much you can walk may tire you quickly.

Available in Venice are numerous vaporetti (water buses) and water taxis. Other than the vaporettis, vehicles of Car Hire Italy are ideal to go around the Venice and its various districts. Car Hire Italy can take you to see most beautiful architecture and monuments of Venice.Once you have a car hire Venice car with you, it is not only traveling but also convenience that makes you feel comfortable in the most sought after tourist city in the world.

Venice is a lover’s dream and every year many lovers and married couples spend their time and honeymoon there. It is one of the most romantic places to visit. Many couple spend their time moving around to the different sites and locations in Venice and this is where a Car Hire comes in handy.