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Travel Guide Switzerland
In Switzerland (in English: Switzerland, German: die Schweiz, French: la Suisse, Italian: Svizzera, Western Branch: Svizra) The official name is. Federal Republic of Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) is a small country that is landlocked. Federal government. And is located in central Europe. The border with Germany. France, Italy, Austria. And Liechtenstein It would have been politically neutral. In Switzerland has been a collaboration between the two countries is enormous. Due to the location of several international organizations.

It became a symbol of the country, where CH is the abbreviation of the Latin that Confoederatio Helvetica or translated into English, it is easy Helvetic Confederation. Because of the need to take leave. Latin language, because this country has a total of four different languages​​. To prevent the discrimination. I take Latin instead.

The terrain is varied and at different levels, it greatly helps to make the trip. Guests in Switzerland is an experience that's great value, regardless of time or where. Because in the Spring that Switzerland and eastern plains region, tourists can enjoy the lush green of meadows and gardens where flowers bloom, but to take the summer tourists will be exposed. the beauty of natural differences. Away from coastal areas many lakes across the country.

Bern, Bern.
The capital of Switzerland is a historic and romantic city. To stroll the beautiful architecture of Old Town. Do not miss a thing. When the opportunityto visit this city of Bern was built 800 years ago by the river Aare surroundsthe city. This river is like a natural fortress. Protect the whole city. Three forfour people. City walls and a bridge that can fly up and down. And by maintaining its original plan to have several hundred years ago. Bern has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, which is the only city in thecountry. Switzerland Walks, the city should start from the Rose Garden is just 5 minutes you will find a pond of a bear (the bear is the symbol of Bern).
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Clock Tower Zytgloggeturm or Zeitglockenturm. Usage of this clock tower isfirst gate. Of Bern in the years 1191 to 1256 and made ​​no changes to thePrison Tower and Usage Prison Tower is the gateway city instead. In the past, the building is not the clock today. Until the year 1530 has beeninstalled, the Astronomical Clock.
Munster St. Vinzenz.This church is located between the streets and roads Munstergasse Herrengasse the road.Turn right onto Krammgasse I will have this feature is an elegant church in the heart of Old Town. This church is the cathedral city of Bern.Churches, etc., which is considered the most important and largest.Switzerland, Netherlands, etc., with the church's nature as art.Gothic Middle Ages. Started to be built in the year 1421 and the building. I named this church lasted until 1573 was approximately 150 years to use it. The church has just been created. A height of about 64 meters later in the year 1889-1893 has been the addition of a part of the tower. I look up at a height of 100 meters if you have the time or have a spiral staircase just going up Pati was able to walk 285 steps to the top of the tower to watch. Replies of Bern and Geneva. People say that the sky is clear for a man, he will be able to see Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau from the tower of this church, ever.
International Chicken in Interlaken.
"I like the city of dreams" is the definition of Interlaken lies between lakesThun.
Brienz and resort to the majority of residents called the Bernese Oberland.
Located in the foothills of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau region offers pristineand beautiful, too.
Description The resort is a place where tourists from all corners of theworld's most favorite.
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Jungfraujoch roof of Europe.
The roof of Europe. Has recently been declared a Unesco World Heritagesince December 2544 the highest station in Europe. Can not forget. Intraveling the mountain, which is as high as 3454 m with a beautiful thing here is the palace of ice and spectacular views of the Sphinx observatorypanoramic view over the glacier Aletsch (longest in the mountains, Alps) andhilltop covered. with snow. Of neighboring countries. In addition, also take a stroll on the snow. A sliding board with a dog. Husky Stadium the snow skiingfor the summer or in Frankfurt. If you like a challenge. The many adventuresof 100%, you will find snow and ice here.
Cruise on the lakes and ancient castles.
Lake Thun and Brienz in the cruise in the high mountains, visitcastles cordon Thun.
Built in the 12th century and a museum exhibit in the Great Hall of the castle. Open to visitors between March and October Spiez castleTraditional open for visitors from mid-May. To mid-October. The boathouse for free by using the Swiss Pass.
Lausanne is a city adjacent to the calm and beautiful lake. Geneva has a pieracross the country, France has been the site of the Olympic Museum. You will see a great show. The second of History Olympic Special Effect with you to make you go back to the real events that are important evidence in the exhibition pavilion. Exhibition hall. Data center and business center. Theperfect location to get free tickets to the Olympic Museum for the book.Switzerland, Netherlands, etc. packages.
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Olympic Museum (Olympic Museum) The museum is a collection of storiesabout the Olympics since ancient times. Until now. International OlympicCommittee and the office.
Lucerne is a city in Switzerland with a population of 57,890 people locatedalong the shores of Lake Lucerne and the mountains in Germany and BridgeCapital of the Swiss Alps. What is the landmark of the city. The most famousis the tea to play bridge (Chapel Bridge) is a bridge built during the 14th century, around 1290 Lucerne, Switzerland has a population proportional, approximately 3000 people ruled by King Rudolf is a Lucerne. the city is the best selling Rolex watches. Followed by the Knife (Swiss Army Knives) Water Tower and the Chapel Bridge, a symbol of the city of Lucerne photos as soon as I can remember. Created more than 650 years old city of riverside Reussarchitecturally interesting buildings, many of the city of Luzern is packed with tourists throughout the year.
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Mount Titlis and Pilatu.
Mount Titlis and Mt Titlis mountain Stanserhorn Pilatu and Mount Pilatus is a mountain, and the slope of the lowest in the world with restaurants on the mountain can be. The surrounding scenery. The Swiss Pass in a scenic cruiseon Lake Luzern Vitznau can train up to town. To Mount Rigi (altitude 1798 m above sea level), Mt. Travel by car hoist winch Stanserhorn old and newcable car (Aerial Cable Car) for sightseeing and dining.
Octagonal tower. City of Lucerne.
Octagonal tower. The tower is octagonal. The architecture of the old town of Lucerne. Top overlooking the beautiful city of Lucerne, the lake bottom with asmall area around a beautiful view. One of the city of Lucerne.

Lion Monument in Lucerne, crying.
Monument Mountain Lion (Mountain Lion) is a monument. Carved stone lions,a sad figure. Created for the memorial. And a memorial to the Swiss soldiers.Who died during the fight in the Revolutionary War in France in 1792.

Museum of Transportation.
Museum of Transportation. It is the largest museum in Europe. There arerooms to 12 rooms is interesting and very spectacular. The best transportationmuseums in Europe, where people have visited the most. Located at the cablecar station in Hull Golden Treasury. Forms of transport, both old and newshows to watch the tram car, aircraft, ships and submarines as well as the oldest boat show in the city.

Lotus in her Panorama City.
History A replica of the 19th century, the best in the world. Is considered the oldest monument on the Franco - Pru's Asian (years. 1870-1871) as well ashistory. Switzerland. Military forces of Switzerland.

Wooden bridge in Lucerne.
The ancient bridge, this bridge can be considered as a symbol of the city ofLuzern for over 650 years as a bridge to the roof gables. The picture story of the international bridge in Switzerland to see a lot in 1993, this bridge has been burned away. And now has been repaired.
Basel is a city with a population of Switzerland is ranked third, with apopulation of 731,000 people in the city of Basel is situated on the north sideof the river Rhine. Basel is an industrial center. Chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The border with Germany and France. Therefore, Basel has a culture similar to that of both France and Germany. The language spoken in Basel German dialect called language. Basel, Germany. History of Basel, ever.The city is located in the territories of the Roman Empire. And has been called "Basil lick" in Latin, in 1225-1226 a bridge across the Rhine River by Bishop Henrik Von Thun, which is a large project at that time.

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Museum of History.
This is the cathedral church is the oldest, Francis I of the 14th century. Acollection of Medieval Art Basel. Century, including works of art. 15 betweenFatima wrote the most famous sculptures in the museum, this Gothic style.

Country Art Gallery in Tel Aviv.
Historic walking just 5 minutes from the country's joining the calcium. CountryInn and Gallery has exhibitions of contemporary artists performing the works of art that is known of the city. Since the year 1872 a change ofmanagement. Show that many of the leading artists of the modern classic.

Zoo Basel.
Zoo Zoo was built in 1874 as one of the biggest in the world. Collected manydangerous animals in the area of ​​11 ha in area just 7 minutes walk from the train station with about 4,500 animals of more than 600 different speciesincluding elephants and lions.
Museum of Art.
Museum of Art. This is the oldest museum in Switzerland. The collected worksof the most famous in Europe for. The oldest piece is a drawing of the 20th century. And you will experience the art of the century, 14-17 works of famousartists like Van Gogh's famous, spin in a chain.

Mike Li Ting, Chinese Museum.
Museum of Art. The museum's collection of links Li Ting of China, the greatsculptor of the country. Switzerland Switzerland. Who died in 1991, here are some of his sculptures, statues, more than 70 works of art collectors in thefourth century, as well as a printer in 1950, and works great, other

Museum of Contemporary Art.
Museum of Art. Is one of the premier museums of Europe. Which highlightsthe work of artists from the 1960s to the present. For example, the work ofBruce Norman, Richard Long, Jonathan Bone for Swarovski, Joseph Boys,Frank Stella and Donald Judd.