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General: Russia or the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) and Moscow (Moscow) is the capital of my country.
Location: Russia is a country with an area ranging from eastern Europe to the north of the continent here. It has borders with 14 countries and is the largest country in the world. (The second is twice the size of Canada), but Russia is a member of the former Soviet Union. It is the state's largest. As well as the most influential countries of the Soviet Union with it.
Languages​​: Official language is Russian and English. With the German language in business communications. In each state. Will use the Russian language. And their native language as an official language.

Climate: The climate is diverse. And the difference between strong. Russia has a long winter and cold weather as well as most areas of the country. Was covered with snow for up to 6 months and it is quite timely in dealing with the Russian government and business is from September to mid-December. And mid-January to late June here.

Groups: If visitors want to travel from Thailand to Russia. With the arrival of the three together, it was held in Moscow (Moscow) St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) and the city of Vladimir Vostok. (Vladivostok), you may choose not to travel into the air from various countries, depending on your destination it is. For example. If you must travel to Russia, Europe. Russia should be in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Using the route Bangkok - Moscow here. If you stay engaged with the Russian side of Asia. It is recommended to fly from Bangkok. Countries in Vladimir Vostok do it then to the airline's domestic flights. To the city and your destination without any waste of time with.
For travel within the city. Russia, with passenger cars, electric trams, subway and taxis are few and expensive here.

Our advice: In Moscow and other major cities. Often there are thieves. Most are ethnic gypsies. So be careful to maintain your property in both areas and the general public with it.
Local food: foods that are popular with Russians as they are. Soup, cabbage, traditional (Shchi) soup beetroot (Borsch) potato salad (Stilichnii) stewed pork (Azu), meat stewed in cream, concentrated (Beef Stroganoff), etc., or to taste food the Caucasus as a restaurant. The restaurant's interior is attractive in Russia, I like Georgian food. Armenian food. Dear Sue, and Assumption. (Azerbaijan), which features a spicy oriental flavor. His dishes include lamb and beef Chien plaster it. Russia's national starch food is pancakes, pancakes, meat and desserts here are either really. The dessert is a warm and soft and sticky dough with filling inside. The cartridge will be snacks, fruit variety. The most expensive meal of the black caviar eggs from the plaster Fujian. Po popular pancake face me. If you have not forgotten Please login to it.
Shopping, attractions and shopping and souvenirs from Russia's Art in the street like a doll's E Street Jamaica Beach. The doll, her prolific. If you want the product brand names are European brands. Must go to the mall looking (GUM).

Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia

Kremlin Palace. Located in Moscow. Russia Built on a hill along the river Moscow Aqua. Within the palace tower and fortress, in which the former is the presence of God, king of the dynasty, the Russian Tsar. It has been known history. Property as a communist. And was used as the Kremlin is the name of the politician. The socialist system. Collapse of democracy. I opened it to be. Tourism. Until now.The architecture of Moscow. Palace of the Kremlin can be considered as examples of excellence in the European Middle Ages, the word "Kremlin" means a fortress with a length around 2235 meters, with a tower of 18 (to prevent incursions from neighboring countries). It is updated from time to recharge. From the white brick wall fence around it today. Has a brick red. The tower's height varies between 28-71 meters.
Within the palace. This includes a castle, church, temple tower, a fortress museum arsenal of armament and the domed tower and spire is 65 feet high wall around the palace. The length of nearly 3 kilometers imperial palace in the middle. Ivan West tower 270 feet high, Maliki is to hang the bell. Lord Morris of Manchester North Africa. Those on the tower. The Moscow overlooking the beautiful clear dome of the observatory tower, these fortresses. When light from the sun to spill. Be seen as a glowing, golden skin, cooked very striking beauty.
Payment gateway is the gateway to sin. It is God's Tsar Alexis. Be sure to build on the year. Fri 1491, please attach a fixture on the best one I have been graciously made this door to enter and leave the cap off. Genuflect Violators will be executed. To reach the Supreme Archangel Cathedral, which was beautifully appointed. To be the burial tomb of the Lord all his flights. There is also a Church of the Assumption, which creates problems such as elaborately.

St. Basil's Cathedral.

St. Basil's Cathedral (St. Basil's Cathedral) is an architecture that has become an important symbol of Moscow. With a dome shape that resembles a majestic, elegant colorful onions. Flanked by walls of the Kremlin. Appealing to people not to travel to the Red Square will have to take it. This coupled with a memorial chapel. With a long learning of this important combination.
St. Basil's Cathedral, built by King Ivan at 4 (Ivan the Terrible) to the monument of the Mongol army in the battle to win over the city of Kazan (Kazan) in the year 2095 after the regime's oppression. for several hundred years. Designed by architect Paul Fellowship of American slaves (Postnik Yakovlev), and the beauty of the architecture so that the narrative tradition. Lord Ivan 4, he delights in the beauty of this great Cathedral. Therefore, in order to reward the architects. The scoop design with both eyes. To the architect who can create something more beautiful than this. God's action in the No. 4 Ivan is the nickname of Ivan The Terrible or Ivan was brutal enough.St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow.Russia

What to watch.- Add the onion dome. There are many beautiful, vibrant colors with a wide variety of dome 9 of the total blend together properly. Art is a form of fantasy of the fairy tale atmosphere, the way the tea of ​​God.The inspiration of God in heaven.
- The images in the Church (Main Iconostasis) as Jesus and the disciples, the people who matter. This game has a colorful, smooth stone is exquisite. Rock City is a masterpiece in the style of some 200 years old, but more than that.
- Victory Costa's Mini and the Smith River Park Zermatt's (Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky) cast in gold, bronze, by Ivan Martos, and two people to lead the forces of volunteers to fight the invaders were Pol (Ploes) from the field. Kremlin in the year 2361 after the victory of the Napoleonic Wars (the 2348 war with France. Russian victory in the Battle of Quebec City in Canada (Austerlitz) Act 2355 Napoleon invaded Moscow. But the strike failed to retreat to.)Near the Basilica of St. Basil. Is home to the Lenin monument or tomb of Lenin. Which is still preserved body of Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Communist Party. And open to the general public can not respect the dead.
First started in the middle of Red Square. Facing off in the Kremlin. Later in the era of Soviet communism has moved in front of St. Basil's Cathedral is open from 11:00 to 19:00 am Wednesday and Thursday open until 18:00 pm Closed Friday

Red Square
"Red Square" (Red Square), a landmark of Moscow. Located in the heart of Moscow. Russia Red Square in front of it. Is the mile at the center of Russia. Observed from the ground to mark a circle. Within this circle, it's visitors into the middle circle and threw debris across the shoulders, his medal back to me to come back to Moscow again.
The name of Red Square to see bloodshed, but actually I think that Red Square is a beauty. The beauty of Red Square, the square has an area 695 meters long and 130 meters wide and serves as a major venue in Russia for many generations to come back to Sanam Luang, Thailand. The ceremony and parade of nations such as the power of the Russian forces on various occasions. The assembly called for public demonstrations as well. Red Square area also includes other attractions. Like many around the Kremlin Palace. Museum of Russian history. And department store GUM (department hold).
Red Square is the place to announce to the public. The death of the west front of St. Basil's Cathedral. The stones round platform was named "Lopnoe Mesto" as a substitute for the presence of God, Tsar and priests to meet people and talk to the crowd that came.
Red or Ras in medicine in the Russian language means beauty of colors of Fortune secure lucrative victory for Red Square, known in Russian as "eclipse in the drug off the left Sadr" is the square of the most beautiful in the world. A place to store the corpse of Lenin. Prophet of the socialist countries. Built with granite and marble millions of pieces of hammering down on the floor and a stone mosaic. A square area. Which some of you this analogy. Red Square Park area of ​​this size. Similar Sanam Luang. Red Square is not only historical and architectural significance only. If it is a sacred place. National races, is the spiritual center of mass of the people of Russia. To play a role and contribute to the changes that are heavily dependent on the big and important country. Almost every time. The memories of past generations, the Russian experience.

The oldest department store in Moscow. The reputation of the goods will have to buy it. Various kinds. Shopping hold Stn one or another of the city's architectural heritage. Shopping hold Constructed in the year. Fri 1895 is the most beautiful and unique channels of 3-storey high-rise building with shops open. Services for those who travel or those who like shopping and 200 stores together. But here you have the look and feel. Internal and external look elegant. The square is located in the heart of Red Square's new shopping malls. With sales of consumer goods such as clothing, household goods. Products with brand names. Perfumes and cosmetics products are the type of memorial. This is a very diverse one.
History Museum (State Museum History) located in Red Square in Moscow, Russia As a museum with a collection of important documents. The history of Russia. The building is a red building. A zinc roof. And a place to gather important information. History and the very old. The museum features a variety of 21 rooms built in the reign of Peter the Great. Has a collection of royal treasures more than 45 million documents and more than 15 million items including books used in the drafting of documents. Precious gems and ancient And wood furniture. Weapons in the war of John C. Russell MAP and the Bible, which the museum is an important time to decorate. Improvements and repairs for many years. The museum is a place where ancient and modern causes. Or improvements and repairs to the difficult and long enough.
Summer Palace of Peter de Aqua Restaurant. The palace is unique. Based in St. Petersburg.Russia Summer Palace, Peter Aqua Forest (Peter Hoffmann) is located on the banks of the Baltic Sea. The palace of Peter the Great. The building is very beautiful palace. It also has more than 100 visits to palaces, fountains must be provided to the socks. Wear shoes that cover the floor to prevent damage to the floor of the palace.Summer Palace of Peter de Aqua Restaurant. It is one of the most massive in Russia. This reflects the tradition of universal succession. As well as success. Courage and versatility. With examples of architecture. Sculpture and engineering group, which must carry the beauty of art with the beautiful landscape. History in the Palace of the year.
Peter de Varese said that. This palace was built in the reign of Peter the Great in the year. Fri
1705 as a palace.King of Russia. By building on the coast for recreational hunting in the summer. Today, this place has become a symbol of Peter the Great, which includes garden fountains, palaces and gardens on the bottom. Originally in the reign of Peter the Great made his formal visit to Europe in April 1717 that he saw in the Palace of Versailles (Versailles) in France and had been impressed by the beauty it has to be drafted. This is to build a palace. In the past, to build a small palace. But later, she was Alice Elizabeth has been updated and expanded to the San Rock Art in the Pic. Since 1759 the palace, Peter Hoffmann and beautiful than ever. Designed by renowned architect and designer.
Palace, the summer palace of Peter the Nuremberg after World War 2, the decay during the German occupation. The newly restored almost completely in Bavaria and Peter (Peter Hoffmann), the summer palace of Peter the Great. Located in the Gulf of Finland. 29 kilometers from the city to the west is a unique fountain decorated (closed in winter), originally Peter the Great. This palace was built in 1720 by the simplicity of the Buffalo architect Jean Baptiste Le Blanc's all fine places to see now is a designed by North Salina Alice Elizabeth.
Baroque style, a vestige of the magnificent Peter and Le Blanc's still there to see Peter Hoffmann built on its natural beauty on the hill as ifVersailles in the sea. To create a fountain on the hill wet clay is very difficult in those days. The front of the palace. Water park with a waterfall stairs is the most notable. The mouth of the lion statues, Sam Sun, torn by hand.

Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace. Located in St. Petersburg. Russia will be watching "King Winter" will be met with great splendor of the square and the "pillar of Alexander's" The glory, King Alexander, New York, the one God. win The north of France, Napoleon is said to be the great museums as the Louvre in France ever.Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum, Manhattan. There are famous works of art from Worldwide more than 3 million pieces from ancient Egypt to early 20th century with the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Rafael critic Rembrandt, Rubens paintings Impact. Zionist French impressionist. Van Gogh and Gauguin were artists and painters such things red.
Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace (Hermitage and Winter Palace), but the Hermitage is the name of the treasures of Queen Catherine, which collects names and images. Author of Europe over 200 photos and had to make room for him and the treasures of his treasure. It was Peter the Great. There are very few people who have seen the collection length, which are invaluable. He is mentioned in a letter that "there was only me that can appreciate these works as" When she died, it has retained many properties. The painting, which had more than 3,000 favorite pictures of ancient coins, precious gems. Until the reign of King Tsar Nicholas 1 contains a classification of all items.
And open to the public in each year since 1852.
After the revolution in 1917 the museum. Became the Soviet government. The government has expanded the collection with art. And treasures. Another of the museum. By bringing in his paintings and treasures. Others, like the palace of Catherine's Palace. Chris's Alexandra Palace. Palace stroganoff and Swarovski. Palace of the Sugar Corporation and Swarovski.
The collection at the Hermitage.
Hermitage buildings with five units, which is a connection.Winter Palace (Winter Palace).Small buildings (Small Hermitage).Old buildings (Old Hermitage).New Building (New Hermitage).Tower Theater (Hermitage Theatre).
The Summer Palace. It features over 1050 rooms and is now the Hermitage Museum. The collection of treasures from around the world, over 3 million items, including paintings of the painter masterpieces of the world such as Leonardo Davinci, Picasso, RAM today's, van in addition to the precious variety. For example, watch a peacock vase chi at Malaga. Ancient Egyptian artifacts including mummies and the grandeur of the Winter Palace. Which features over 1050 rooms at this place was used as a residence of the royal visit of King Rama 5 of Thailand to develop friendly relations - Thailand, Russia. The statue was a joint project with the Lord Tsar Nicholas 2, of the Russian Federation.

St. Isaac's Cathedral (St. Isaac's Cathedral) The cathedral is located in St. Petersburg. Russia Construction since the year 1818 was completed in January 1858 as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Russia. Built in the reign of King Alexander, who first designed by French architect Auguste de Montferrand spent 40 years building up to the granite pillars, 48 ​​percent from 114 tons in weight, was decorated with sculptures Frankfurt. And drawing more than 400 pieces of gold, an elegant dome, which is a huge symbol of the city with a diameter of 25.8 meters, which is ranked fourth in the world after St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Basilica of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, and "Star Delphi Orange" in Florence.The history of the Cathedral of St. Isaac came back almost three centuries. We have the history ofThis cathedral was divided into three phases.
The first wooden chapel was built at Admiral Security. (Army Headquarters) and in the year. Since 1712 the ceremony was ใฃg Abhisek. Marriage of King Peter the Great.
And Queen Catherine's.
The second phase is located at Cathedral Square Bristol Group, AMD. Cathedral, built with stone. Peter the Great and the king had laid the foundation stone. His last year's. Fri
1717, but soon after it happens, the fire was.
The third phase of God, Tsar Alexander I had ordered that a cathedral was built from the ground up. St. Isaac's Cathedral. At present. Designed by French architect named Frank Mont secondary site (August de Montferrand), which Mr. Mont's second factor is the architect who is famous in Russia for France. This is his homeland. He was not famous at all and no one recognized him in the name of the architect. The skilled person until they came to work in Russia. And the first piece of his. He has had a design already is. Alexander, North Pole. The winter palace courtyard, but the design.
St. Isaac's Cathedral to make a reputation.By the time he was world famous. Construction of up to 40 years.
The nature of the design.St. Isaac's Cathedral was designed by the architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque.The temple consists of many different things. Important addition.- Adorned with the image icon (Icon), the largest in the country. St. Nicholas, St. Peter.This mosaic is a very time consuming if one takes a meter square meters with more than forty years, paint and spend up to 23 rubles, and images.Fresco, but must clear the mosaic due to high costs. The mosaic is an individual piece of work and time consuming.- Low-relief carvings.- Rocks, minerals and rock types, such as monolithic Malaacts other Ural Mountains.- Cast bronze.- Like a marble statue of Mr. Mont's second factor. French architect.- Doors are made of oak and a sculpture made of copper with the beauty and Oscar's big and a church that has nice flowers.Adorned, decorated with stained glass.

Church of blood (Church of Christ's Resurrection), based in St. Petersburg. Russia Construction began in April 1883 was completed in 1907 as a memorial of the Lord is still in San spider 3, built to commemorate his father, Lord Alexander of the liberation of the two farmers. He was assassinated in a naughty time in this area was built in 1881 with the restoration of an art form. Imitate the ancient church in the church since the 12th century the Moscow architecture in the exquisite furnishings. Mental organization skills, more than 30 people during World War 2, the church has been damaged by the explosion. At war's end has been restored.
Church of Kazan (Kazan Cathedral) Cathedral of Kazan. Located on the Road Swarovski. The main street of the city. Kazan Cathedral, built in the reign of Peter the Great. On the year. Fri Then in 1708, which was originally a small church that is only Within an icon and his mother Maria (Our Lady Of Kazan) drawn in the 16th century, coinciding with the reign of King Ivan 4, while Moscow was the capital. By Peter the Great was the king saying that the icon and his mother learned that later, during the reign of God, Paul's 1 in the year. Founded in 1800 to build a new sanctuary. a larger sanctuary. And beautiful than ever. Because of that after he came aboard at Rome in Italy and he was impressed by the style of Italian architecture he had such a mix in the construction of the new cathedral.
Kazan Cathedral and the new.
Completed in January 1811 was designed by the architect.- Charles Camelon.- Thomas de Thomon.- Pietro Gonzago.
Kazan cathedral architecture in the neo-classical style. A hemispherical shape. There are long rows of stone pillars arranged in an orderly manner, after 10 years of construction. University of Kazan became a place to worship has been a popular one because it is located in the heart of the city. As a result, the people. The tourists easily found. And the beauty of the cathedral is often seen, but eye-catching of the year. Since 1812 the war between Russia and France, more We have put up a statue of the Commander of the Navy, Mikhail Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly was a memorial exhibition at the Kazan Cathedral Kazan Cathedral, which is also classified as a cathedral. One place in St. Petersburg is beautiful. And has a significant history. The front of the Basilica of the park for the rest of Russia. Where a meeting of young people as well. And in summer the Russian people tend to stand in the sun reading a book or meet a lot of it.

Monument to Peter the Great (Bronze Horseman) is a monument of the city of St. Petersburg. Russia The monument is located adjacent to the Grand River. In front of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Close to the subway. Construction of a monument of Peter the Great. He first became known as the King, designed by French architect Entienne Maurice Falconet under the command of Queen Catherine the Great. After an extended stretch of Black Sea territory of the country to fulfill God's purposes. Peter the Great. It is engraved with the name of the base of granite.
The monument to Peter the Great is also a point of view of the river overlooking the city such as Tokyo. In front of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Commander of the Navy Building. Thera and building societies. Monument to Peter the Great, is open to visitors daily.

This small church (Smolny Cathredral) Church Convent is nun F Small is beautiful blue-white building built in 1748 was completed this year. Fri Office 1764 was originally a nun during her construction in Elizabeth. Baroque architecture. Designed by the architect, the Italians Bartoloeo Francesco Rastrelli around the gardens and buildings. Constructed during the reign of Queen Catherine the Great. The advanced training facility for women about life in the royal court and everyday life. Today these buildings. As part of the Department of Arts. University of St. Petersburg.
In the 15th century this area was inhabited by the Swedes. There is a fortress and is home to the community. Later in the reign of Peter the Great. Since Christians during the 17th century sailors used to create the square and into the housing. Later, his wife proposed to church more. It attempts to build churches and agencies in the area since the nuns. Fri 1720 - 1760, and in the reign of Queen Elizabeth Alice. His strong religious faith can be a church - blue and white New Year 1744, with a touch on the design of architectural art destinations Bartolommeo Francesco Rastrelli Rok Bar. This is a small church office nuns. The worship of women in the capital. In the Elizabethan era of the Great Cat, Ontario during the year. Fri 1764 has opened a training school for women in the field of social elites and the daughter of a billionaire known. Small City College. In the era of Lord Paul's the one with the command to shut down and the Office of nuns to the college. In the era of King Alexander, New York, the first college building was extended for another beautifully. And bolder in the last year. Fri The 1917 revolution in Russia. The College was closed down and converted into the ball Party of Civic Forum. After the change of government in the year. Fri 1991 became the Office of the Mayor, which Lenin had lived during the year. Since 1991 to 1997 and later in the year. Fri Small City College was opened in 1999.
As part ofFaculty of Arts at the University of St. Petersburg. Small churches today are used as venues for concerts and events are by nuns around. Was used as the office of the government.Open 11:00 to 18:00 pm Closed on Thursday

Peter and Paul fortress (Peter and Paul Fortress) is located in St. Petersburg. Russia The origin of St. Petersburg. The title of St. Peter and St. Paul's two disciples of God. Built by Peter the Great on May 27, 1703 Baroque architecture. Their traditional area is home to North Africa in Ross. Take the time to 40 days, intended for the protection of the Swedish military. The fort is not in use. The Swedish military has invaded it. Used as a prison Tsar Alexis's Wish (Tsarevich Alexis) was grown son of Peter the Great. The idea did not fly with his father's death was the punishment, and here. Currently, the Museum of History. The bell tower of the fortress, which is the tallest building of St. Petersburg 122.5 meters high and holy temples. And the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, take a 21-year inside with the bodies of their striped Valley of Russia was first buried at the Peter the Great and a pit burial of the royal road to North Africa. His many specific King of Western Power is God's last Tsar, Nicholas, 2, killed the whole family. Most of the white marble coffin coffin, two coffins, but there is a green and red marble. The coffin of Tsar Alexander's New York 2 with Mary. Alexandra it's over. Princess of Germany, his wife after the death of Peter the Great. The church has a collection of the body of Jesus and his subsequent, as well as God, Tsar New Technology E-2, which is God, Tsar the Last King Wong Western Power and the family, which recently brought the body into. Since 1998, the Lord Tsar Nicholas 2, Queen Alexandra my three daughters, he is the Old Town Theatre in Costa Rica Sierra Vista that is not found. His daughter, Maria. And his son Alexis