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Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, and is the largest lake in South America. It is home to the Bolivian Navy (being the only accessible part of water for the land locked country) and a range of ancient cultures that live on today.
What attract so many people to the lake is the lakes inhabitants that live on manmade reed islands in a process that has existed for generations. While many of these islanders have now moved towards a tourist dependent income, some of the islands are remote and away from the tourist boats that visit – preserving their society and culture.
The Lake is the dividing between Peru and Bolivia, and sits between the route from Cusco to La Paz making the lake a transit hub and welcome break on the long journey. There are direct buses and trains from Puno to Cusco as well as Copacabana to La Paz. Puno also has its own airport with flights in and out of Lima.
The lake is made up of a number of islands that are split between Bolivia and Peru, with them being visit able from the main towns in each nation, Copacabana and Puno respectively. These towns are where the majority of tours leave from.

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Day tours will take you to a number of the famous Uros islands where to can see how the ancient cultures still live today. The islands themselves are an attraction, being constructed by a number of totora reeds that grow in abundance at the side of the lake. The islands require constant maintenance to and this process has been passed down over generations. Some of the islands are open for tourist visitors, whose income is dependent on tourism when other are in relative isolation.
One of the most interesting islands is the Island of Amantani. This island is home to a number of home stays and lodges for visitors to the islands. These offer a unique insight into a different culture and society that lives on today that is very different to our own. Be prepared though, as the accommodation is basic, yet the homes are warm and welcoming with some tasty home cooked local food.
After a day of touring the Islands of Uros you may be interested in visiting the small Island of Taquile which is located about 45 km from Puno and is abundant with numerous pre-Inca and Inca ruins.
The whole lake area is scattered with a collection of Inca and pre-Inca ruins and temples. One of the biggest sites is the former town of Tiahuanaco, on the Bolivian side of the Border. Interestingly according to Inca myth the Inca creator (Who is also the sun) emerged from the Lake to create the Incan dynasty. Tiahuanaco is accessible as a day tour from Puno, Copacabana as well as La Paz.
The town of Copacabana is the gateway to the Islands of the Sun and The Moon, with cheap public ferries operating the route along with guided tour boats. These islands are also home to a number of temples and ruins which are wonderful to see.
If you time your trip to these islands correctly you can see a fantastic sunset over the lake.

Islas Flotantes, Lago Titicaca

Peru Travel: Lake Titicaca
The reed islands and boats of Lake Titicaca.

Puno Cathedral
Town of Copacabana, Bolivia