Arequipa Peru's Second Most Important City

Peru is one of the most popular South American vacation destinations. There is rare wildlife, the remains ancient cultures, unique artifacts, alpaca clothing, exotic food, lively music, amazing jewelry and artwork and lots of adventure. Visitors to this Latin American nation create memories they will cherish forever. Many of those vacationers will experience the sights of world renowned cities like Lima, Peru's capital and Peru's second most popular city Arequipa. Travelers to these cities often feel like they have found themselves in a different world. There are so many things they can experience in Peru that are available nowhere else in the world.

Peru Arequipa

When most people mention Peru they usually quickly follow up with conversations about the capital, the party city of Lima. But the city of Arequipa is also very special. This southern Peru city has a lot to recommend it. Arequipa is Peru's second most populous city with almost a million inhabitants. The city is popular for many reasons. One of the things that draws people to Arequipa is the climate. Although its located on the edge of a desert, the fact that it is over 2,300 meters above sea level mitigates the heat and leaves Arequipa with a very mild climate. Scenery is another reason people love visiting Arequipa. There are vast plains, stunning mountains and over 80 volcanoes nearby in the Valley of Volcanoes. The best known of these are El Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. Some believe the name Arequipa may be an Arymaya word meaning 'behind the peak' referring to El Misti.
Arequipa has some of the most beautiful examples of Spanish colonial architecture. The buildings were made out of off white volcanic rock. They represent a masterpiece of European Columbus-era building style. These pearl-colored buildings utilized the local materials but molded them into the classic Spanish style. The stunningly beautiful structures have led many to give Arequipa the nickname 'The White City.'
There is lots to do in Arequipa. They can visit the Santa Catalina Monastery, San Francisco Church, La Recoleta Convent and San Agustin Church. There are also numerous festivals, bullfighting and a variety of sports. The food in Arequipa makes visiting the local restaurants a gastronomical pleasure. The dishes made with beef, alpaca, guinea pig, fish, ostrich, shrimp and a wide variety of vegetables combined with chili peppers and other local spices are cooked in Chinese, Japanese, European and indigenous styles.

Peru Arequipa
El Misti and Arequipa
View from rooftop of Arequipo monastery
Arequipa vista
Countryside of Arequipa
El Misti
Colonial cathedral outside Arequipa
Corridor of Santa Catalina Monastery

Peru Arequipa
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