The sea 's most beautiful lake in China.


5. The sea 's most beautiful lake in China.

5. The sea 's most beautiful lake in China.Qinghai Lake.

Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake.

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          China is a country that I love magic. And to experience another country. The architectural traditions, ways of living, and many others, but one thing that can attract visitors equally, it is. "lake". because it is a natural belief that the travelers, many people dream. I once saw with my own eyes. The bottle com so I can volunteer to visit the five most beautiful lakes in China together. Where is it. Come see me. 

1. Qinghai Lake (Qinghai Lake).

          This is the largest lake in China. Located on the Tibetan plateau. In summer and spring. Area surrounding the plant is covered with beautiful green leaves. While in the winter. I have a small snow covered the spread. Which can be considered. Lake Qinghai.With a view to a season to season ever and there are two viewpoints that have been popular with many tourists is Haixinshan rich coastline is rocky and Niaodao or a home run. to as the "bird island" because of the presence of more than 100,000 migratory birds are regular           for the trip to Lake Qinghai. Can travel to every year. I would recommend as it is during the summer. As the flowers of some kind. Which is rare, it is blooming.Moreover, during the migratory birds. It was during this time. The trip to admire the beauty of birds.           priced for fall admission fee per person: 230 yuan or about U.S. $ 1150 per 3 night where you can travel by bus passengers. It takes about 5 hours and costs 20 yuan, then hire a minibus to travel to Niaodao another 50 kilometers and cost 50 yuan.

Kanas Lake.

Lake Casino in Kanas Lake.
2. Lake Casino's (Kanas Lake).

          in the deep forests of the Altai Mountains. Have lakes in Cana. The Chinese call it."Cana purchase." which is the largest mountain lake in China, hidden. What attracts visitors to the touch. This is the beauty of the lake. Water of the lake. Which can change color according to the angle of incidence of sunlight. And different seasons, but also the crowd to get to Hong appreciate it. If you want to experience nature close to what it is. We encourage you to sniff the other morning, then take a deep breath and enjoy the atmosphere of a foggy morning long. Covered across the lake cruise line, so I was exposed to the lifestyles of indigenous people. And nature of the lake, it makes sense not little          that we get a little reminder for you to go. Due to the unpredictable weather. There may be some rain. Not predictable, so it is wise to carry a raincoat with you the best. The ideal time to visit is between July and mid-September           priced for a visit during the high season. It is located at 150 yuan per person *, or about 750 baht during the low season. It is located at 80 yuan per person *, or about 400 baht for the trip. There are two paths to choose between the bus ride from Urumqi Beijiao to Buerjin takes to travel 10 hours and costs 50-94 yuan on a path to be known as a shortcut that it was. The journey to Buerjin with the view of both sides of the lake. It takes 4 hours ahead of a lot.

Changbaishan Heavenly Lake.

Chang Bai in heaven lake Changbaishan Heavenly Lake.
3. Lakeside paradise in Chang Bai. (Changbaishan Heavenly Lake).

          lakeside paradise is situated on a mountain in Chang Bai. Is one of the most fascinating one. In northern China. Caused by natural changes. At one time this area was a crater was also higher than the 60-meter waterfall flows into the hot springs at temperatures up to 42 degrees Celsius while in winter the spring, they freeze into ice cubes.Caused by the natural beauty of one           month for the trip to the lake is a haven of July, August and September, if you arrive in the fall. I urge you to be more careful than ever. I have to fog is thick. And may be invisible to view anything.           priced for a visit in person at 100 yuan *, or about 500 baht and the bus for tourists and 68 million yuan *, or about 340 baht for the trip we recommend. The train "N188" from your car to Khao Chang Baihe and go slowly. The car costs about 20 yuan, * or approximately 100 Baht  

Lugu Lake.

Ku Lu Lake Lugu Lake.
4. Lake Lu Ku (Lugu Lake). 

          Lake Lu recover a priceless gem, the most beautiful part of China. Situated on a plateau in the northwest of Yunnan Monthon. Each year, the climate is relatively stable.Does not change much. During the winter there are flocks of ducks and flocks of seagulls.Migration are numerous. Meanwhile, during the months of May and June is the time to bloom and fruit trees alive, as most           other things one can not miss it when visiting here. You need to experience the lifestyle of the modern society (Mosu people). The people here have a long tradition. The women act like men. As the leader of the family are also other interesting places such as Lu spot to recover. Spot famous for its beautiful waterfalls. Etc.           priced for admission is 78 yuan per person *, or about 390 baht for the trip from the rail before the first. Up from Chengdu to Xichang station is about 145 yuan fare: approximately 725 from the bus straight into the lake directly Ku Lu will depart at 8:40 am and 9:20 am local time. The fare is 71 yuan, or about 355 * U.S. takes 7-8 hours total.


Namtso Lake.

Namur Lake's profile Namtso Lake.

5. Lagoon's profile Namur (Namtso Lake). 

          lagoon Namur's profile. lies in its Tibetan region between the county and Bange Damxung is the second largest saltwater lake in the world. It is the highest in the world every summer here. This area is filled with animals such as cattle, wild rabbits, wild mountain goat fur and other wildlife including many birds and some fish will jump up above the water. Or hear music from people in the village during the program again with          with the high The ice caused by the motion of falling snow. Scattered broken. Is a natural beauty. The key to such a height. Most people can not adapt to the weather.Therefore, the symptoms are often so you painkillers or sleeping pills before bed. It helped me.           priced for admission is 45 yuan per person *, or about U.S. $ 225 without any public transport route from here. You need to rent a car with chauffeur. It is priced at about 1,500 yuan for a round trip for 2 days. Note: The asterisk indicating the value of the yuan. The price may have changed.