10 natural wonders. You should see before they disappear

10 natural wonders. You should see before they disappear

Barrier Reef.

Under the Belize barrier reef in Belize.

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          We have an abundance of natural beauty. Scattered across various countries around the world. This is what gives the world an even more spectacular. But with time the threats and disturbances to the Earth's climate. As a result of natural causes. Tends to be lost in the future. So today we take the bottle com 10 natural sources. It's wonderful to watch. Before it disappeared.

 1. Belize barrier reef under water. Belize.

          This is one of the marine ecosystem of coral reefs in the world. Is home to many sea creatures including sharks, rays, whales, dugong and other sea creatures, large and small, the problems that occur in a global warming pollution from agriculture. The increase in the number of travel Shore for commercial exploitation. These problems are all the areas of coral reefs. Less than 50% ever.

The Congo Basin.

Congo Congo River Basin.
2. Basin, Congo, Congo

          , with an area of over 1.3 million square miles. Congo Basin rainforest is. The largest two of the world can also produce oxygen for the world to 40% and also an important source of food, medicines and minerals, various           estimates of the United Nations (UN) was found. The forest has disappeared in the Year 2040 (Year 2583) from a variety of reasons, such as the invasion of the area to mining. Illegal logging, farming, livestock farming. And guerrilla warfare. Including the road to the mine. Hunting monkeys and gorillas herd of wild elephants, monkeys, Bono Boone drove in Laguna these problems, the balance of natural decrease. And the resulting climate change as well.

Dead Sea.

Dead Sea.
3. The Dead Sea.

          Dead Sea is the lowest in the world (1312 feet above sea level), the salinity of the sea than the other 10 times and is believed to be a source of rich ore. natural. That helps in the treatment of disease. But in the present. Invasive nature of the business, whether it is business travel hotel, as well as other cosmetic companies to remove the minerals used in the trade. The environment has been greatly affected.


Evergreen Park, and the house. United States
4. Park and the Evergreen House. United States

          , with an area of over 2.5 million acres of lagoons, surrounded by many swamps.Plants, wetlands and pine forest and savanna area. And one in the world. The crocodiles, both large and small, living together, the pollution of other crops. Invasion of the area to more than 60% of the area of water into areas near the city. And agriculture were also a residential area of the Florida panther remains less The Florida panther may be extinct in another 40 the next.


5. The island of Madagascar.

          islands of the world's fourth largest island, with over 80% of the greenery.Madagascar's animals. This is what nature created many millions of years. This finding is not at all on this planet has been estimated that the forests were lost on the island of Madagascar in the next 35 years due to various ecosystems will be destroyed by illegal logging me. Both for agriculture and forests for hunting invasion.


6. Maldives Maldives.

          islands of this country. Rich in coral and fish close to extinction, such as fish, giant Napoleon. Fish ฉlamesืa stars. And more than 250 kinds of fish, rays and global warming is happening today. Scientists are studying the matter. If global warming continues to occur continuously. The polar ice from melting. And water backing up more than 1190 islands and islets and islands of the atolls are scattered throughout the Indian Ocean. Sea levels will rise another 8 feet, which means the island between the sea caught up missing           the year 2008 (2551) President of the Maldives has already announced that To purchase land in other countries, including India out. For a home to people of the Maldives in the future. The land to sink to the sea.

The Poles.

North Pole
7. Pole

          natural phenomenon that occurs. It is unique and has influenced the world greatly.The Ice Berg PA. Light North Pole And various polar and polar bears, penguins and whales, but if global warming continues to affect the continued like this. Woods Hole Oceanography Institute. I predict that over 80% of the Emperor penguins will be extinct. The polar bear is close to extinction, as is also predicted that in 20-40 years time there will be no longer in the Antarctic ice.


Born To Run National Parks thumb.
8. The National Park runs the thumb Bourne Rajasthan India

          National Park was born to run thumb. Located in India. And is a place where the best in the world. Look for the Tigers in close But in 3200 the number of tigers around the world fell by more than half of the tigers that live in India. Housing, they dropped to 93% of the tigers were killed each day. To be used as an ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Tahuamanú Rainforest.

Birds that call this rainforest spread Hua Manu.
9. Rainforest Ta Hua Manu. In Peru

          habitat of the birds that flock of parrot's neck, and several other species, such as soft masses of the giant tiger, jaguar lynx and otter giant The rain forest is still faced with the problem of illegal logging. The mahogany trade from the United States. Which can be converted into furniture worth up to $ 1 million dollars. The hunting And destruction of ecosystems. The main problem is that the damage is considerable.

Yangtze River.

Yangtze River.

10. Yangtze River. China

          is the habitat of giant pandas, dolphins, sheep, dwarf is the smooth feel. And Siberian Crane. They fed 400 million people ever. Although it is an important natural resources. But there are so many problems arise. And deforestation. Creating a reservoir of industrial agriculture. Shipping. Mining. And disposal of sewage. These issues are a major problem. That pollute the environment of the Yangtze River. The area is also at risk. The earthquake was a disaster with both the 10 natural sources. At that earlier this year. As you can see the beauty of nature that occur. Deserves to preserved. But the invasion of France, the hunters find the business interests of certain groups. And global warming. Creates a bad impact on nature. It will make these naturally lost. This is very sad. In the future to be able to see the beautiful natural resources of these again.

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