7 best beaches in the country. If you have a chance to try it.

7 best beaches in the country. If you have a chance to try it.

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          beach on the world, there are many, many. The natural beauty. The beautiful white sand beach against sea and blue sky. This is what attracts people to the very many these days, it is recommended Bowl Com 7 for beaches, if you have the opportunity to experience it. Impression will never forget it.

Las Islas Cies.
1. Island Seas Gala Murcia, Spain (Las Islas Cies, Galacia).

          This beach is located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The first beach that often has been referred to a trip to Spain. Here you will enjoy the blue-green sea. The pineapple variety. Ideal for camping and a small restaurant that served the most delicious seafood.

Tayrona National Park.
2. Park in Tyrone. Colombia (Tayrona National Park).

          You will be an exciting experience. The waves of the sea tossed with large stones.The peaceful beauty of the beaches, but if you have a hammock. Indulge a little sleep. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the it.   

Porto da Barra.
3. Porto da Ontario bar in Salvador, Brazil (Porto da Barra, Salvado).

          This beach is a beach on the west coast of Brazil. As you can see the beach at sunset. The natural beauty of a small rural valley where the fortress and the church on the hill. Both beaches are ideal for photography, I sent back a postcard to a friend. I certainly endorse the need.  


4. Palawan, Philippines. (Palawan).

          Palawan. Is one of the islands of the Philippines. A beautiful and popular among tourists from Europe. The island is a tropical rain forest. Includes large and small caves.The white sand beach. Here you can have your own private beach facilities. I want to roll back roll. The sun still read bedtime reading. I enjoy listening to music.  

5. Jumble Zanzi Bar v Tanzania (Nungwi, Zanzibar).

          located in northern Tanzania. Among more than 30 beaches along this beach is the most beautiful. The sand is white as powdered sugar. Beautiful deep blue sea. Coral can be seen clearly. It also is home to hundreds of species of marine animals, which is very attractive.

6. White Haven Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia (Whitehaven, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland).

          This is the most beautiful beaches, which one should go for it. This is what attracts many white sand beaches. Warmer sea temperatures are good. The color is clear. I also see other wild life. On the island from the beach.

Aroa, Aittuki, One Foot Island.

7. I repeat attack on Shiite cabinet feet Islands Cook Islands (Aroa, Aittuki, One Foot Island).

          The beach is quite a time. And travel is difficult. But when it arrived. You can tell that. This beach. It is the most beautiful beaches. All of the beaches on the South Pacific.from the beach 7 miracle that was mentioned. What are the beaches to enjoy nature's beauty. If you have a chance to go. Be deemed to have charted the power. Refreshing to have a good life, ever.

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