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A Similan Island is where you want to go if you want to dive in Thailand. The Similan Island chain is a group of nine islands that are located off the Southern coast of Thailand and are known for being the best places for deep sea diving in Asia.
The Similan Island chain is actually now a national park that was established in Thailand in 1982. If you want to got to any of these nine islands, you can visit by boat. There are many boat rides available to the islands from Phuket Island as well as the mainland of Thailand.
Although the area is known for the many diving sites where diving enthusiasts visit each year, it also boasts some of the most beautiful tropical foliage in Thailand and is the home for much wildlife that is native to this area. Many of the people who visit the Similan Island go for the scenery such as waterfalls, tropical gardens and rare bird life.
The largest island of the Similan Island chain is Ko Similan. Ko Similan has some of the most beautiful underwater rocks and coral reefs in the world. In addition to diving, people visit this island for snorkeling as there are sites to be seen under the water that cannot be viewed anywhere else in the world.

Those who want to lounge on the beach can do so at Ko Huyong which has the largest beach in the Similan Island chain. This beach is known for that where the giant sea turtles migrate each year to lay their eggs. The eggs are protected by the park officials, but visitors can view these eggs if they visit in the fall.
There are two different types of deep sea diving practiced at the Similan Island National Park. They consist of East side diving which gives you a view of coral reefs and West side diving that has large underwater rocks and swim through tunnels. The most famous East side dive site in the Similan Island chain is East of Eden which is located just off of the seventh island.
While two of the larger islands are named, most of the islands just go by numbers. The natives know them as “island seven” or “island four.”
The most famous West side dive site in the island chain is Elephant Head Rock. Elephant Head Rock is also the name of one of the oldest diving shops that is located in Phuket Island. To actually see whale sharks while diving, you will have to go to Richelieu Rock which is also part of the Similan Island chain. Many people feel that this is the ultimate deep sea diving spot in the world as, in addition to the whale sharks, other underwater life is abundant in this area.
You do not have to be a diving enthusiasts, however, to appreciate the Similan Island chain. When on holiday in Thailand, make sure that you a day to explore this beautiful chain of islands located off the southern tip of Thailand.

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