Paradise of the world.

Paradise of the world.
5 in the "paradise of the world from a" miracle of beauty that has been selected as the Land of Desire.

 1. Island of Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most remote regions in the world. Is known as "The Lonely Island" There is no airstrip. Most people use a boat to the island. Activities on the island that we can do is hiking, fishing, golf villas for self-service is £ 20 for a homestay. Facilities include a restaurant is located at 40 pounds. 

2. Cotswolds town of ancient history. Rural town in southern central England. Stone. The sense of traditional British classics are back in the main passenger train carriages and a bus will be available a day or one per week. Activities are horseback riding, fishing, biking city.

3. Kiribati, Micronesia island beach paradise Swat treasure of natural beauty. Located southwest of Hawaii, was called Gilbert Island in the Pacific Ocean. Travel airline Air Pacific should be sent to the island because it offers only two flights a week. Activity in the water swimming pool for guest house is about 30 Australian dollars per night. 

4. Algonquin Park, Canada's southern Ontario is the art of natural colors. I also experience wildlife close. For eco-tourists as much. Travel by private car to travel around and Value. A canoe to paddle. The camp inside the park. Park admission is 16 Canadian dollars per day camping fee + $ 22 Canadian per day. 

5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil In Brazil, the island has been a guarantee of UNESCO as a world natural heritage of warm, sunny beach, blue sea, waiting for us to touch. I enjoy traveling. Aircraft landing at the airport, Fernando de Noronha (FDN) has access to the island. This island is to rent a car. According to a rent of $ 50-70 per day if the bus is at 2.85 real.