Travel Valley of the Kings, Egypt Information and Tips

Decked out at the west bank of the Nile across Luxor, lies the Valley of kings in Egypt, which is another place of undying mystery. The kings of the new Kingdom during the eras including 16th to 11th centuries BC were mainly buried here. Besides, it is believed that the Pharaohs chose this particular isolated valley to build their tombs because a Theban Peak evocative of the shape of a pyramid stood towering over it. The Valley of the Kings is divided into two parts which are the east and the west valley.

The East Valley
It encompasses most of the tombs of Pharaohs from the new kingdom which are open to the public.

The West Valley
It has only one tomb open to public because of which tourist mainly flock to the east valley. One can explore the tomb of Ay who succeeded the Egyptian throne after Tutankhamun.

Tomb of Tutankhamun
The most famous of all tombs is of the King Tutankhamun which is the most recently discovered tomb and has been named KV 62 as per the tomb naming convention. Tutankhamun died unexpectedly at an early age of around 19 years following a brief reign. The tomb is considerably smaller as compared to those of other Egyptian Pharaohs. The linen wrapped mummy of the king still rests in the tomb. A number of artefacts were gathered during the excavation of the tomb. This intriguing legacy of Tutankhamun has travelled all over the world. The gold burial mask remains one of the most popular and fascinating symbols.

Best Time to Visit Egypt
Longing to unveil the mystical saga of the Valley of Kings? Don't forget to plan the trip to Egypt during the favourable seasons. Although, winters from December to February may be the perfect time to visit the country, it may be difficult to net cheap flights to Egypt for these months. Spring lasts from March to May and autumn from September to November. These are good times to explore most attractions in the country including the Valley of the Kings. Flights to Egypt with number of airlines are usually more easily available for these months as compared to the winter peak season.

Practical Information for Visiting Valley of the Kings
The visitors require a standard ticket to explore the three tombs however they need to buy a separate one for the tomb of the King Tutankhamun.

Some of the tombs can be closed from time to time for the renovation.

Necessary things to carry include sunglasses and sun blocking lotion. Often tourists are seen in the valley with terrible sunburns. Durable and comfortable shoes are must as there is a lot of walking around, climbing down and up the various tombs.

Tombs can be oppressively hot especially in summers and it is important to take ample amount of water irrespective of the season. Water can also be purchased at the visitor center.

Photography is allowed against a permit in most tombs however flash photography is prohibited. Take plentiful batteries for your camera to the tombs. Although these are sold within the Valley of the Kings, the price will be exorbitantly high.

Reaching Valley of the Kings, Egypt
A number of international airlines connect Egypt to the rest of the world. One can find a number of Egypt holiday experts who can book cheap tickets for flights as well as budget accommodation at the destination. Luxor is the most convenient launch pad for starting Valley of the Kings expedition. Arrive in Luxor which is connected to Cairo and other major cities in Egypt by regular trains service, buses and taxis. While in Luxor, there are ferries or private motor boats to get you to the Valley of the Kings. At the ferry terminal, there are taxis to take you around the sites.

Reproduction of one of Tutankhamun 

Tomb at Valley of the Kings