Travel Big Ben , A Grand Day Out Visiting London Big Ben

The clock is prominent near the Houses of Parliament in Westminster area of ​​London, England, United Kingdom is often referred to popularly as Big Ben.

Big Ben can be found in the gardens of the Abbey, which is next to Westminster Bridge near the south bank of the River Thames.

Big Ben rang the opening bell at the way in May 1859.The minutes of clock time is just over four feet long and only about fifty square meters of space to make each and every one.

In the background is the clock tower clock has only left a small number of times. For the clock to keep time, did you know that the coins are stacked on the pendulum.

Nearby is the Westminster underground station, which is almost certainly the easiest way to get to the attraction of public transport. Across Waterloo Bridge, which has a metro and railway station. Traveling to Big Ben always depends on which line is closest to your accommodation.

Buses and nearby buses also pass by the attraction where you sit. I'd better stop and take some pictures of the short distance perhaps across the bridge. You might also be able to hear the bell of the clock as it strikes the hour. The news at ten on British television used the bell as a musical theme, when the program was alittle British television a few days ago.

Photo would be an excellent opportunity across Westminster Bridge at night. As the whole face of the tower and adjacent structures are often exquisitely lit at night.

Did you know that could possibly climb to the top of the clock tower of the overall system, often known as Big Ben. UK residents can contact local members of parliament to organize a common tour.Tours gone through all seventy-five minutes and there are three hits each day. There is probably no weekend visits.

If you have been successful in your application, please arrive about fifteen minutes before your tour. Otherwise, the guide will have to start on time and can not accommodate the newcomers.

The tour is free to the public in general. Reservations can only be created in advance and can not be organized on the day.Please trying to organize a tour around twelve weeks before arrival.

Every tour for up to sixteen people. Please note that children need to be more than eleven years to be accepted on the tour. Visitors with certain health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, etc. are advised not to take a tour inside steepnest clock steps.

Once inside, you will be able to hear all about the bottom of the clock tower and discover what makes the most popular watch brand in the world.