Ten Essential Things To Do In Greenland

Tasiilaq Greenland. By chrissy575

If you are still undecided about making that trip to Greenland, do not let the harsh cold dissuade you from visiting because you will surely miss out on a lot of wonderful things unique only to Greenland. In fact, now is the best time to visit Greenland because scientists predict that in a couple more years, a large part of it will have already melted and its brilliant glaciers and bergs will only be part of its history. Aside from those mentioned, here are some ten things that you need to see and do in Greenland.

1.) National Museum

When visiting any country or city for the very first time, it is always a good part of the itinerary to include its National Museum. In this particular museum, you will see the mummified bodies of what is believed to be those of the people who died when their boat turned over back in the 1400s. You can also find here other artifacts as well.

2.) Festival of Snow Sculptures

This is an annual festivity attended by locals and foreigners. Here, you will see a magnificent showcase of some of the world's best snow sculptures on parade. Go to the country's capital, Nuuk, to witness this yearly event.

3.) Greenland Tours

In order to fully enjoy your stay in Greenland and see as much as possible during your trip, it is best to take guided tours that will take you to Kangerlussuag and then to Ilulissat. These tours will take you around the cities. Here, you will experience native life in Greenland including the traditional welcome coffee drink from a local.

4.) Hiking and mountain climbing

One of the best hiking and mountaineering experiences you can ever have is in the mountains of Greenland. The best place is said to be Ice Cap. However, you should always have an experienced guide with you as you can easily get lost or injured if you don't know your way around.

5.) Qaqortoq

This is located in the southern part of Greenland. This is where you will find the oldest recorded fountain of the country as well as old building structures, and these buildings go as far back as two centuries ago. You will also see here a mini Eskimo Museum.

6.) Dog sleds

What is a visit to Greenland without trying its famous dog sledding down its icy slopes? Skiing is also a must. You can go skiing across the country provided you have a guide, and you are well-versed in the sport.

7.) Disko Bay

It is said that one iceberg here can weigh approximately more than 6 million tons! One of the most breathtaking sights you will ever witness here or perhaps anywhere in the world is the sun touching the icebergs illuminating their brilliance. Be prepared to be enthralled by this magnificent sight.

8.) Old Town Museum

This is located in Upernavik. It is a place considered to have a friendlier climate than most places in Greenland. The Old Town Museum houses historical mementos of the country including those about the earliest people who have inhabited the place.

9.) Polar Bears

Definitely not to be missed, polar bears are only seen in the cold regions, hence, they are a sight to behold in Greenland. Although fiercely wild and can seriously injure anyone he comes across with, the sight of this white bear is enough to entice any tourist to catch a glimpse of this wild animal. You will surely be amazed at the power and beauty these animals possess.

10.) Musk ox and other animals

After polar bears, tourists also come to this icy country to catch glimpses of musk oxen. You can also see in Greenland a few of Santa's reindeers and walruses. Whales are also abundant including the majestic white whales.

Icebergs, near Ilulissat, Disco Bay, GreenlandTasiilaq, Ammassalik Island, East GreenlandIcefjord, near Ilulissat, GreenlandIceberg, near Ilulissat, Disco Bay, GreenlandIceberg, near Ilulissat, GreenlandIceberg, near Ilulissat, Disco Bay, GreenlandIcebergs, near Uummannaq, North GreenlandIceberg, near Ilulissat, Disco Bay, GreenlandGreenland Dogs, Tasiilaq, East GreenlandGreenland food, Restaurant "H8", Rodebay / Oqaatsut (small settlement)Rodebay / Oqaatsut (small settlement), near Ilulissat, GreenlandUummannaq, North GreenlandIceberg, near Uummannaq, North GreenlandSisimiut, Kitaa (West Greenland), GreenlandKulusuk, Kulusuk Island, East  GreenlandA foggy morning, Tasiilaq, East GreenlandNear Kulusuk, East Greenland