Top 10 cities with the most visitors in the years 2008 to 2009.

Ranked # 10 in Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.
(Number of visitors in 2009, about 6,682,700 people / tourists increased 3.5 percent from the year 2008).

Although Istanbul is not Turkey's capital Ankara, the capital. But it is equally important. In the sense that it is the largest city. And a center for business development, trade and tourism. It is also important scenes in the history of Anatolia. The city of Istanbul was Constantinople Maple casino mighty enough. The hotel is a charming city if it does not go away. It is not up to Turkey. And novelty of Istanbul, one in the world. Is to be the only major city in the world. Situated in two continents, the European side, Thrace and Asia Russell of the game software. Coast of Anatolia. The visit to the overlap between the two civilizations as valuable. Like jewels in the world.

Major attraction of Istanbul.
Hippo Syndrome is the center of life Bright Sands. Anti-Um for over 1,000 years and is the center of the Ottoman Empire after a period of more than 400 years.
Emperor set optical focus of Sevres Attractions Belarus and other meridian, Grand Bazaar.
Bazaar is large with over 4,000 stores, shops, Cathedral of St. Sophia (Aya Sofya), Blue Moss Mask (Blue Mosque), Cruise Along the Bosphorus, Basilica Cistern, Cruise Along the Bosphorus.


No. 9, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.
(Number of visitors in 2009, about 7,290,400 people / tourists fell 1.0 percent from the year 2008).

Hong Kong to Thailand to visit one of the most popular in Asia. Includes people from all over the world by visiting here as well. Hong Kong is famous for its shopping bargains on Nathan Road, clothing and brand name. Expensive, exorbitant, concrete jungle, or a skyscraper products, electronics, toys and attractions to visit, whether it is Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak Performance Sound Symphony of Light has a temple sacred to the people. People come to pay homage to popular wishes. The Big Buddha, Po Lin temple. Sacred gold Buddha, the world's largest bronze Buddha, Kuan Yin Bay Repulse Bay is a scenic spot printhead Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Look down to see the surrounding city. Lined the city's concrete jungle, which is Hong Kong 1-3 in a tall building in the world. If you come to Hong Kong and did not come. This point of view. I do not like, etc. There is also plenty of delicious Chinese food. Try the same taste as well.


No. 8 in Dubai International City, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates.
(Number of visitors in 2009, about 7,584,500 people / tourists increased 13.4 percent from the year 2008).
Dubai is not like anywhere else in the world. This is the hub of luxury, deluxe Model throughout the city by an aura of wealth and opportunity and this is the city that erupted every time a mobile phone diamond machine sales of U.S. $ 10,000 to sell like hot cakes. And this city in any one year. There are millions of people to fly into the shopping alone.

Dubai is a city known as a cutting-edge technology. And building a massive city, it is also known as a clean and safe. But Dubai is a list of many tourists. (Especially shopping) because there really is a tax-free sales in Dubai is also known as the burrow (Souk) will sell many. The district is tucked up Deira Covered Souk, which is a huge market of Dubai.

Land, which is a leading and famous from all corners of the Earth together. Waiting to be chosen from those who love shopping. It has been dubbed "Hong Kong of the Middle East," There are strange things you've never met. Palm islands. , Burj Dubai. Tallest building in the 828 meters and 180 floors, Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the world. And do not be afraid to go to Dubai in the desert is water. Today, Dubai is no source of fresh water. Have created their own desalination plants. It can be distilled into fresh water. More than 3 times a day to actually do it ... no longer a dream. Dubai can not.


No. 7 in Antalya Turkey Antalya in Turkey.
(Number of visitors in 2009, about 8,295,600 people / tourists increased 13.8 percent from the year 2008).

Each year, more than 20 million tourists come to visit Turkey. Country with a civilization or a combination of Eastern and Western Europe with Muslims. Turkey is one of the top ten countries to visit one of the world.

Turkey is a world that is still preserved. Back to the Roman era of prosperity and expanding the empire to dominate the world, arrived here in the past, God, Alexander the Great (Alexander theGreat) had led an army of Greek immense ashore in the port city in East Bohemia. York.

If you are talking about the city of Antalya. I and many Thai people would not recognize the city as Istanbul may be because the media in Thailand. To promote, but the city is Istanbul. If you plan to visit Turkey. It is highly recommended to the city of Antalya. The city's historical city of Turkey. The source of the famous tourist town's people to visit as many as 8 million people per year, is H? D? Rl? K Tower turret built in Century 2, Hadrian's Gate door or Üçkap? La created. reign of Her Majesty. Queen of Sheba, Attalus II Philadelphus statue of the king of Pergamon, Scene around Kaleiçi. And historic sites. Not really a city of Istanbul.


Ranked # 6 in Paris, France Paris, France.
(Number of visitors in 2009, about 8,775,000 people / tourists decreased by 4.4 percent from the year 2008).
Paris (Paris) [pa?? I /? Pæ?? S] is the capital of France. Located on the Seine. Northern areas of France. The central region. Israel - de - France. Paris has been considered. The capital of fashion. There are many famous tourist attractions. Famous perfume. Art fashion shoes. It is also the most beautiful cities in the world for many people the beauty of the famous Eiffel Tower. Thai people and the world famous city.
Paris is a destination for people all over the world. Visit sites such as Montfort was t (Montmartre), Sax Mont - แฌ format - The New Series - Spray Falls. (Saint-Germain-des-Prés) Other coffee shop style, cinemas and shopping, Le Marais (Le Marais), local fashion, Blair Wilson (Belleville), Chinatown, Old Bear. The drive (Oberkampf), Arch, France, the walk of life area of ​​Paris has that unique and makes the city has a charm that is placed on each corner of Paris offers spectacular because of the atmosphere. a combination that is not monotonous. Pictures of people walking, riding around Paris. Bike or skate freely on the streets along the Seine, or artist. I draw on the bridge, Pas des services Rally Sardinia (Passerelle des Arts) or a picture of. Classical buildings that look down from the Center for the Arts and Cultural Centre Georges Pompidou (Pompidou), these images will all come together is not enough to explain to Paris. Because Paris has its own identity.

No. 5 in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, Malaysia.
(Number of visitors in 2009, about 8,935,000 people / tourists increased 4.2 percent from the year 2008).

Malaysia is Asia: Malaysia Truly Asia who would see our ad was broadcast. Kuala Lumpur. The capital of Malaysia. There are many hotels in the city of interest from the Declaration of Independence Square Independence Square after the British had ruled China for so long. A large area of ​​green grass. If it is compared with that of Thailand. Sanam Luang is similar to the flag pole at our house and watch the Union Jack, the highest in the world to reach 100 meters in this area. The architecture is English. Ostensibly The clock tower building, a hollow candle China (Then Hou Temple) This temple, China. Constructed with funds of the Chinese in Malaysia. The government has given a portion of a hollow candle and measure the Yong Yong is a Chinese temple in a pretty big eye-catching another in the region of Southeast Asia. Chinese lanterns hanging in the red zone a lot. I have a beautiful sanctuary in the Chao Mae Guan was the dominant color of the umbrella body. To a telephone were more godly. , Or a tower. Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower) The view of Kuala Lumpur Tower is the fourth highest communications tower in the world. Which is as high as 421 meters, we walk into the building excitement. The elevator up, believe it or not, we get that out of the ground floor, with elevator takes less than 2 minutes, very fast on this tower. You can see the whole city of Kuala Lumpur. And the Twin Towers of Petronas as well. Once down from the tower. We tasted chocolate chips Cocoa Boutique chocolate factory. The largest in Malaysia, and the district to Suria KLCC Shopping Center Central to those of the brand in a deal that is on fabrics, shoes, bags and tourists who visit Malaysia, if he is not up to that. The Petronas Twin Towers Petronas Twin Towers Petronas Twin Towers building) is the unique architecture of the city of Kuala Lumpur. International flights to Malaysia, designed by Barcelona's business district, located in the heart of the city. Surrounded by a park. Twin Towers is the tallest in the world today.

"Malaysia" may not be the primary destination for Thai tourists. "City" may be in the middle. Schedule of Shop-Ping. Pleasant city, known as Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, but the "neighbor" This is probably one of the "friendly" to the best of Thai people who do not have to prove yourself.

# 4 in Singapore, Singapore, Thailand, Singapore, Singapore.
(Number of visitors in 2009, approximately 10,115,600 people / tourists decreased by 1.6 percent from the year 2008).

Singapore is a small country with prosperity. And economic power in Southeast Asia. Orderly government. Enforcing the law strictly. And who do wrong will be punished severely. However, the land of the people here are friendly. To ask for help or give help as well. Do not take advantage of tourists. Train travel within the country, covering almost the entire country. Comfortable and safe. Singapore has a population of approximately 4 million people in China's 77%, Malaysia 14%, India 8%, and the rest is half European, Asian and other nations.

Singapore is Thailand's most popular trip. One of Southeast Asia. Famous for its shopping bargains on Orchard Road, such as clothing. Various brands. Attractions to visit such as Resort World Sentosa Singapore, the theme park Universal Studio, Merlion Merlion symbol of this country, Bird Park Jurong, Night Safari, island of Sentosa, Singapore Flyer and the Duck Tour is a delicious food. Try the same taste as well. The U.S. shrimp bugs, chicken rice and satay. Chong Welcome to this land all over the world.

3 Bangkok Thailand Bangkok Thailand.
(Number of visitors in 2009, approximately 10,209,900 people / tourists decreased by 5.8 percent over 2008, representing a decrease of about six hundred thousand).

Bangkok is a city with few tourists to visit the most. Tourism is the main United States, Britain and Japan in the past three years, Thailand has suffered a decline. 6% due to domestic political unrest leading to the airport closure. The political assembly of various colors, the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Target market for alternative sources. From the central Asian countries, Middle East and China.

Bangkok Award-winning books about it came from around the world to vote for. At the beginning of last year. Bangkok capital of Thailand. Received votes from more than 16,000 tourists around the world to have won World's Best City to visit the city in the year 2553.

Bangkok Has been rated as a tourist destination. The best in the world. The announcement of the annual World's Best Award 2010 organized by the travel magazine Travel & Leisure magazine has been hugely popular in the United States. Is a division of American Express will announce the results after a query by the priority according to categories such as best cities. Islands at its best. The best hotels. The best international airlines, etc. to determine the best city in the world are considering.
1. Which overlooks the beautiful and shady.
2. Art, culture and tradition.
3. Food.
4. Shopping.
5. The friendliness of the people.
6. The value of money.

And Bangkok, not all of the magazines this week alone. But Bangkok is almost everywhere. That are ranked around the world.
Thailand is the same. Almost anywhere in the world would vote for the best in the country such as Norway, the vote is to travel to Thailand is the world's seven years in a row.

For tourist attractions in Bangkok That foreigners find most impressive is the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo), Wat Pho Mangkhalaram flawless.

Tourist attractions like Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok Pathumwan. Whim Khao San Road, Silom Road, Bangkok - Brahma - a Royal Weekend Wat Phra Kaeo - Wat Pho. Railway station.

There are many words of Thailand from Bangkok to Pantip about that.

"Magazine, Conde 'Nast Traveler magazine as the best-selling. And popular and highest reliability in the field of America's best if people in the tourism industry is well known. Magazine in a survey of diners clue that this is the place to visit Bangkok in Asia to 7 years in a row then. To another without losing the championship since 2001, it.

Magazine, Business Traveller Asia-Pacific, Bangkok, Hong Kong's honor. Is great for relaxing. One in Asia - Pacific Post.

Travel and leisure magazine, travel magazines, as it sold very well in America. The type sold in the United States, Canada, Spain, Turkey, China, Australia and South Asia other than selling his 4.5 million to play next month's vote to Bangkok is the place to travel the world in 2010, not before, Bangkok is. the past 1-5 years I have had some deals. Magazine on the amex.

And the best tourist country by country, Norway, here. India won the vote as the best seven years ago as well.

Do not count the vote from Chinese tourists. Thailand and Bangkok. Top it all along. And other magazines. I was not raised much more.
Bangkok is almost every time I have been.

Bangkok Thai people do not like foreigners, but that he likes. Bangkok is a real plus for our big shopping mall Central World, Siam Paragon is the world in terms of Asian tourists in Bangkok's popular shopping, we wish.

Tourism and culture as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun was pretty good.

Nightlife, we are ready to run, Ratchada Silom rca rice.
The Chao Phraya River. They went cruising comfort. Atmosphere at night is pretty much an open fire.

Want to go to sea from Bangkok. It's all just a few. I met so many beautiful sea. If it's not just entertainment in Pattaya, Hua Hin is Thailand's beautiful but it's not far from Bangkok. It takes only a few visitors. To the sea.

Eating in Bangkok. Register. With all nations, France, China, Thailand, Japan and other food but the price is affordable again.

Hotel in Bangkok. Particularly important source. Now it's easy to get it covers mrt bts major source has been exhausted.

5 star waterfront is the world-famous Oriental Peninsula or Shangri-La Hotel in the city, Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, but the entire world. And a final ranking. That is one of the world. One of Asia. The next day in service.

Beautiful dining room. Sirocco at State Tower, the world it is considered as the open sky, the highest in the world and still get the vote that the Telegraph newspaper. The Sky Bar with a dart. Best in the world.

Many of the spa's name. Audio world.

Bangkok, along with variety. If some people will not believe. Or a political sense would have to accept it almost anywhere. With this arrangement. Top Bangkok with it. If you do not believe. I would not believe all that Bangkok has the most travel magazines because almost everything I do. "

"Bangkok's top tourist destination and the food. Possible with it.
And we believe the vote. Bangkok Top that off as possible. We just returned from Korea.
That air The regulation was better than we do. But the variety available to us.
Do not have a good working relationship with the government's nowhere I can assure you.
Just think of the monuments. With fountains and canals, Jean Chun. Korea is the best I can.
Then let them. Forums and the like. Surprisingly, a lot more than me. Korean temple is not visible.
There is nothing before it Eriyongๆ brick. We elaborate each other. "

"We voted that Thailand is not only because I do not think it's her own home. I do not think that most will have a tank bag to everyone.

Hotels in Thailand, but hundreds of thousands each night there. Each night there are hundreds. So no matter how rich or poor, they can come here in Thailand have run out. It's not only the poor. A trip to Thailand.

Thailand has a place to surf. We had a lot of sightseeing to do. Other countries are far more beautiful than I had in Thailand. But then Thailand is a country where the surf is great variety in the Emergency S.
Then you come to Thailand. The trip almost every type of affordable. We think this is worth it. "

"The move to 2-3 and abroad.
He's good to be home.
Singapore's. Very clean, but lacks charm.
It's really quite delicious. The temple building is a small country by size, maybe.
The artificial beaches, but there are a lot more.

The Hong Kong brand names are reserved, but I think that is something made in thailand walking street in Chiang Mai, JJ, or a bundle of money in 2000 to carry back pocket bulge. I used some of the 5-6. Not broken at all.

I went to Japan. Country is growing. Sakson train anywhere, but I just eat a lot, especially Tokyo, is home to a restaurant I have every alley. We used to eat a small basement. Unfortunately I do not have windows. The restaurant is open.
Tokyo is a very busy morning he rushed off to work. Work until late at night. Then come back to bed condo or apartment and we worked a lot better, Bangkok Chill. Chill out with the other divers around Silom, Sathorn (maybe because Thais do not throw as much against the Japanese time).
Friends at work. Co., Japan says. I like a lot of Thai royalty. This is because they are comfortable with the position of the bus. The school was great. I returned to Tokyo. I have to take the train to work every day. Some of them were called back to Japan before the deadline. The wife was also selected to Thailand to study further. Due to it. I also know that children aged 17-18 are more comfortable here.

I take back home with the go constantly. He also was asked to scan the bar in Europe, that is how it was a blue sky and 8 months .. I think that is the shops at MBK or JJ or Platinum Akแtk I'm dead I said the time to come back. me. I think in Thailand because I still think that Bangkok is always fascinating to visit Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Ayutthaya World Heritage site that is still beautiful in our memories forever. "

This is part of the opinion that we appreciate it. But the country that he himself had not won there as well. Number of visitors and ranking. We can see that. Number of tourists who come to Bangkok and Thailand continued to decline. The ranking will be. 2008 to 2009, tourists who come to Bangkok reduced to six hundred people from the Tourism Authority of Thailand set to 12-15 million per year in 2006-2007, Bangkok has held the No. 2 city. Most tourists in the world after London.
I think I know what the Thai tourists lose this much. Of money, hundreds of thousands of baht. And is still on. Tourists, we certainly lower than this. We are Thai people love and want to keep it together here. Thailand will be further developed and more tourists will come back to Thailand but the same.


No. 2 New York City, New York City, USA United States of America.
(Number of visitors in 2009, approximately 10,786,100 people / tourists increased 23.1 percent from the year 2008).
As the most populous city in the U.S. and the largest in the world. Classified as a center of economic, financial, cultural and entertainment is one of the world. It is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations as well as the most populous city. ** It is the most densely populated areas of the United States. Of New York different from any other city in the U.S.. America has seen a lot. Since transportation is a large network. New York City subway system that provides 24-hour surge of traffic and people are funny all the time. It has a hint of New York is the city that never sleeps. New York has many famous tourist attractions. Most of which are located in Manhattan. Tourists tend to visit the famous attractions and more. The Empire State Building. Chrysler Building in Times Square, Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty.
It is a great monument. And psychological value, in English called the Statue of Liberty was originally called Liberty Enlightening TheWorld Island, Quebec City is located at the estuary of Manhattan, New York, United States, a gift is a gift to the French and the Americans. On America's Independence Day celebration, 100 years old as of 4 July 2419, delivering an official with President Grover Cleveland on 28 October 2429 Since the year. . 2527 Organization, UNESCO. Declared the Statue of Liberty. Heritage of the world. The tourists have visited at least 800,000 people or more people can usually view on the crown of the Statue of the head. But after the terrorist attacks 11 September 2544 was officially closed last such monument is open to tourists. Can travel to the island. To admire the beauty of the monument from the bottom up. But the monument is closed. The museum at the base of the monument, for reasons of safety.

Central Park.
The 843-acre park, the size (3.4 square kilometers, or about 460 football fields per well), located in Manhattan, New York City. Central Park, an oasis for the inhabitants of Manhattan. This park is known worldwide. After appearing in several films and a television set. Empire State Building (Empire State Building) is the tallest building in the world. Currently, the world's 14th largest, located in New York. There are 102 United States 381-meter high from the ground (1250 feet) with a total area of ​​approximately 2,158,000 square feet up to 25,000 people on the top of the dome rises 60 meters above the ground floor to the 86th floor with a steel frame as well. A weight of 730 tons, started on 1 October 2472, completed on 1 May 2480 to the present visit.

The Brooklyn Bridge.
It is the oldest suspension bridge in the 1825 meters in length spanning the East River. New York City between Manhattan and Brooklyn's.

Wall Street.
Located in southern Manhattan. It is a central influence on the world's financial system since World War 2 and is home to the New York Stock Exchange.

Ground Zero.
Is another place which was inscribed in the history of the United States as "Ground Zero" is the location of the twin towers of World Trade Tower to Ground Zero. To remember the events that shocked the world in the event that time.

Times Square is the intersection of the streets of Manhattan in New York by the intersection of the street on Broadway Road, Seven South Avenue, and is located between West Street Four. City News India before Street Road West Four hit Seven Street and Times Square, across the length of the space in the block between the streets Six South Avenue Road, PhD South Avenue in. long east - west and the area between West Street Four Beat Street Road and West Fifth hit the turn, the street in the north - south through Times Square, it has become an important point. At one point on the west side of the business district in Midtown.
Downtown Manhattan.

# 1 City of London London, United Kingdom or the UK United Kingdom Or England.
(Number of visitors in 2009, approximately 15,033,200 people / tourists decreased by 2.0 percent from the year 2008).
London, one of the major cities of the world. The largest and the capital of Europe. The city combines the magic of an ancient land. And the modern new world together seamlessly, and colorful. With just a never-ending variety. London has become a tourist town in the heart of many people. Which visited repeatedly without boredom.
London is the capital city of England. It is one of the critical areas of trade, economy, finance And has a vital role in world politics, education, entertainment, media and fashion, London is also one of the city with the best transportation system in the world as well.

Cultural City of London.
City of London is known as the center of the world in various aspects such as art, music, festivals, museums and many other cities, London is also the residence of nations from around the world, more than 300 races, which is what it is. molded the culture of London's pubs in London tend to be more like the work in the evening. Especially when a football match. London is a city and a modern, vibrant and colorful as well as the world's financial center. Do not forget to taste the local dishes such as Fish and Chip, Bangers and Mash Pie or Shepherd.

Sport in London.
City of London is the only town that honored to host the Olympic Games. Olympics three times, including in 2012, and football is a sport that is popular no doubt, and have such a variety, be it Arsenal, Chelsea and other sports, rugby, cricket,. The Polo is a sport that is popular. And there is always the same track.

Shopping in London.
City of London is one of four cities that have a reputation for fashion. (Apart from Paris, New York and Milan) and is also home to the designer, famous, such as Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Stella McCartney in London is a shopping mall, a myriad. as Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London Fashion Week is held 2 times a year as well.

Tourism in Greater London.
* London Ealing: For those who love nature at London Ealing will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. And a variety of science Pruek.
* British National Health Museum: The museum offers a collection of English antiques. And man-made items from around the world. More than 100 paintings, pictures and visits are free for anyone who loves art.
* Buckingham Palace: Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British royal family since the year 1837 after the famous buildings that welcome visitors to the art. In many.
* Royal Albert Hall: From the opening by the Queen. Victoria in 1871, Royal Albert Hall building became the venue of various cultural, musical variety shows, conferences, dance, performing magic lamp, opera or circus it.

In addition to those mentioned above. London has many interesting places. The bottom is a place that we recommend.
That you should not miss is strictly prohibited.

Big Ben clock tower (Big Ben).
Big Ben is a symbolic one. The London side, with a long history. I see the clock tower was not immediately think of London. The clock tower is nearly 320 feet high, called "Big Ben" is derived from the name of The largest bell, the bell tower there. It remains to tell the time accurately to the people of London continues to the present.

Westminster Cathedral, Westminster (Westminster Abbey).
In the same area as the Big Ben clock tower there. Within this temple. Has been decorated with a beautiful Gothic style. Was used as a venue for the ceremony. The British royal family. For many generations. The royal coronations. Or even a burial ceremony for His many kings and royalty. As well as historical personalities like Sir Isaac Newton.

Tower of London (Tower of London).
This tower is used to store and jewelry Mhamgkuฎ of the British royal family. And a place for a long and colorful history in the horrible and frightening. Because once. Here was a prison and the death was near a bridge at the Tower Bridge which is just another symbol of London.

River Thames (Thames Cruise).
Boat sides view the river Thames. Which runs through central London. There seems to be the best way to visit London. The most beautiful spots. When viewed from the river is the central point of Parliament, Big Ben and the Tower of Laundry.

And many attractions, with visitors from around the world.
* The London Eye.
* The London Dungeon.
* West End & Westminster Abbey Tour.
* Castle, Kensington.